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Must Know, This is a Term That Often Appears in Mobile Legend

The impact of the development of internet-based technology in the world of games seems to be felt, right? In the past, you played various traditional games with friends next door. Now, all you need is a smartphone with a fast internet connection to play sophisticated games with people you’ve never even met before.

Not only that, now electronic games have become one of the sports, namely: e-sports. There are many electronic games that you can now play. One of which is Mobile Legends. Surely you have also tried this legendary game, right? Well, already know the meaning of various terms in Mobile Legend when playing it? Come on, take a look at the following reviews.

Overview of Mobile Legend Game

terms in mobile legend game

Yes, Mobile Legends has now become one of the electronic games that are quite loved by gamers gamers in Indonesia. Not without reason, the game which is better known as MOBA does not require sophisticated smart device specifications to be played.

In addition, the type of fast-paced game that this online-based game brings is quickly able to attract the interest of lovers games in Indonesia. Evidently, this game is still a favorite of many circles since its initial release until now, from teenagers to adults.

Developed by Moonton, game Mobile Legends is a type of arena fighting game where the goal is to destroy your opponent’s base while defending your own team’s base. The game consists of two teams of 5 players each.

Each player is tasked with playing their own avatar or role, known as a hero. This mobile legends hero is divided into six roles, namely: Hero Tank, Fighter, Mage, Support, Assassin, and Marksman.

Each of these roles has unique abilities and specializations. Until now, there are as many as 101 heroes in the game Mobile Legends.

Various Terms in Mobile Legend and Their Meaning

meta term in mobile legend

Actually, the essence of the game Mobile Legends it is a strong teamwork and good communication to be able to achieve victory. However, that’s not all. As a player, you also have to understand the basics of this legendary game, such as various terms that are often spoken by team players in the middle of the arena. Here are some terms that are popular in the game Mobile Legends what you need to know means:


These words seem to be very familiar to the ears of Mobile Legend players. Terms in Mobile legend savage This is used to describe the condition when there is a player who manages to beat all five of the opposing team’s players alone.


Next up are metas. This term describes a hero who has excessive strength which tends to overpowered or OP. This meta determination is obtained from update patches Mobile Legend game that often gives buff or nerf on certain heroes.


Well, if a player calls you by the term noob, means that you are a player who is unable to master the hero you are playing. Simply put, noob this is a term to mock other players.

Away from Keyboard (AFK)

When in the middle of the game, you find there is an abbreviation AFK or Away from Keyboard from your teammates. That means it’s a sign he’s stopped playing. Maybe your friend has even left the game—it could be on purpose, or it might not.


Term offlaner in Mobile Legends means grouping heroes based on their specialization. Hero offlaner This player has a duty as a single player and a lane guard even though he has to deal with two or more heroes from the opposing team. Hero offlaner also have a disturbing task carry opposing team so that the process farming so not smooth.


Troll or term trolling in Mobile Legends means an action a player takes just for fun. So, the aim of the player who trolling this is not to get points or win the game, but it could actually make the game happen no crazy.

Feed or Feeder

Have you ever found team members often die while playing? Well, this is called feed or feeder. Actually, this could be a loss for the team because kill of the opponent can make their team get a score, goldand exp the more.

Hyper Carry

Terms in Mobile Legends This refers to the strategy of the game. So, the team prioritizes one hero for build items and the level so first.


“Mabar, come on!” I’m sure you’ve never gotten a call like that from your friend. Mabar itself is a term which means “playing together”. This is a call to play a game Mobile Legends together.

Good Game (GG)

If your game is good, even to the point of impressing your teammates, they will exclaim “good game“. Usually, a game like this will bring the team to victory.

Map blind

If you’re playing Mobile legenddon’t be original kill. You also need to pay attention folder so that no your way. Don’t let your teammates call you map blind. Blind folder means players who don’t pay attention folder while playing.


Just like AFK, disconnect or what is often abbreviated as DC shows that there are players who just leave the game. If your team is not strong, it is certain that this DC will end in defeat.


This term describes one or more hero roles in charge of providing damage great for the opposing team. Usually, in games Mobile Legendsthis task is given by the hero Marksman.

Cool Down

Spells, skills, and abilities from the hero you use when playing Mobile Legends it takes time toreload return. Well, time reload until everything can be used again this is what is called cool down.


Assist in this MOBA game it means helping a teammate kill the opponent’s hero. Don’t worry, you have nothing to lose because helping friends can still earn you gold although not as much as when you kill the opponent’s hero yourself.

Well, that was just a few terms in Mobile Legends that often appear or spoken by the players. So, even though newbiedon’t let you no understand these terms and make the game finished no crazy, yes!