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Must Know! This is the Eve Free Fire Character that Gamers Don't Like

Many characters you can get for free while playing games Free Fire. Some of them are characters with cool special abilities and are often the favorite choice of fans gamer. However, there are also characters that are disliked and often avoided, including Eve Free Fire.

Personagem Eve Free Fire is indeed not very liked, even being one of the most hated characters by fans player. His special abilities were considered mediocre, not even having a significant effect in battle. In addition, there is a choice of other characters that are free and at the same time have better abilities.

Facts about Eve Free Fire Characters

eve free fire abilities

The existence of the Eve Free Fire personage that is less liked gamer it often makes him underestimated. However, this character has a very important role in the Free Fire universe, you know. There are some important interesting facts for you to know regarding Eve’s whereabouts in games Free Fire:

#1. The first human in the world

In the world of Free Fire, Eve is described as the world’s first female figure. When installing games Free Fire for the first time, you will get a choice of Eve Free Fire characters automatically defaultalong with Adam.

As a figure who is considered the first human, Eve has a special ability that can help her survive. However, this special ability won’t have much of a significant effect in battle.

#2. Couple from Adam

Eve is the first human character in the Free Fire world along with Adam. The existence of the two in the Free Fire world does have similarities with stories in divine religious beliefs, such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. As a couple who comes in pairs, the Eve Free Fire character has the same abilities as Adam.

#3. Officially changed name

In December 2022, Garena has officially removed the existence of the character Eve from Free Fire. Instead, Garena presents another character named Nulla. Despite having a different name, Nulla has a special ability that is not much different from Eve. Therefore, it is not surprising that Nulla is a character who is also not liked by fans gamer even though he is one of the new characters in Free Fire.

There is a special reason why Garena decided to delete Eve and replace her with Nulla. The reason for the name change is none other than religious issues.

Garena’s side is worried that there will be parties who don’t like the use of Eve’s name. To avoid unwanted problems, they decided to change Eve’s name so that it had no resemblance to stories in certain religions.

The Reason Why Eve Is The Worst Character in Free Fire

eve free fire

Not without reason gamer Free Fire calls Eve the worst Free Fire character. The reason is Eve who is a character default have no special abilities. He could only change the color of his skin as he wished.

The advantage of the Eve Free Fire character in changing skin color will not have much impact on the battle. At the same time, Free Fire currently provides many characters with skills cool specials, including Andrew, Shani, Luqueta, and more.

Since there is a choice of characters with better abilities, it’s not surprising that there are many gamer reluctant to choose Eve. Even so, Eve is a character default in Free Fire. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are also gamer who use it, especially those who first installed Free Fire.

Tips for Playing Eve’s Character Like a Pro

skill eve free fire

Even though you don’t have special abilities like other Free Fire characters, you can still use Eve to fight. In fact, it is possible that you can defeat the enemy if you can use Eve properly. There are five important tips that you need to pay attention to when playing with Eve, namely:

#1. Understand the playing field

The first tip you need to do is understand the battle map. Each map in games This battle royale theme has its own characteristics. You need to identify the characteristics of each map to find out the best hiding locations and suitable places to ambush enemies.

#2. Take advantage of the vehicle

High mobility is important in playing the Eve Free Fire character. Instead of running, you can use a vehicle. You can search for vehicles when the game has started. If you are in the middle of the game, you will find it increasingly difficult to find a vehicle.

However, when the number of surviving players is low, leave the vehicle. The use of vehicles in a few player situations will make you look conspicuous and easy to be a target for shooting.

#3. Shoot red dots

Improving the quality of shooting weapons is an important aspect so that you can win the battle. In this regard, you need to have the ability to shoot accurately. There is a surefire trick that can help in increasing the accuracy of your shots, namely by utilizing red dots.

When aiming at the enemy, you will find there is a moment to appear red dots anytime. The appearance of the reddish dot is not without reason. The presence of a red dot is an indication that the enemy has entered the target. You just need to shoot a weapon when red dots appear.

#4. Loot necessary

The thing that is a common mistake for beginners when playing FF is to take as much loot as possible. However, if you want to play pro using the Eve Free Fire personage, avoid amateur methods like that. Instead, you need to be careful in taking loot, such as medical equipment, weapons, and bullets as needed.

#5. Keep moving

The last and no less important tip is to make sure that the Eve Free Fire character you are running is actively moving. You are not advised to keep moving. At the same time, the decision to scout and ambush the enemy is also very smart. Just don’t stay in one location for a long time. As the game progresses, there will be fewer and fewer hiding locations.

Well, that’s a guide on how to play when you choose to use the Eve Free Fire character. If you’re good at playing Eve, it’s easier to use other characters with special abilities. Happy playing, yeah!