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Mobile legends: Want Free Permanent Skin? Save the date

Mobile legends: Want Free Permanent Skin? Save the date | I can’t believe that we have entered the weekend again. Happy weekend for all of you, while accompanying your weekend break. The author will invite you to discuss one of the events that is quite interesting to participate in, let’s see.

Want Free Permanent Skins? Save the date

Mobile legends: Want Free Permanent Skin?  Save the dateOne of the things that gamers look forward to the most in every game is that for some reason the existence of an event is an attraction and a challenge for us to survive and want to keep playing the game. You can imagine if a game without an event will feel less interesting and slowly the game will start to be abandoned.

On this occasion the author will discuss one of the mobile-based moba games which does have quite a large user base in the country, namely mobile legends, I don’t know what virus is spread by moonton so that it makes homeland gamers of all ages and genders play games that this one.

The event which is currently taking place and providing some pretty decent prizes is indeed being awaited by mobile legends players after previously in the pre-season event 515 for 7 days to collect coins and be able to exchange them for one of the skins that is quite phenomenal, namely skin gatotkaca arhat king.

Well this time not only skins in the main event Squad Rally Day Mayhem 515 moonton also gives some discounts for some heroes chosen by moonton, not only that moonton also gives one free hero at random and also a cool avatar border of course if you can complete the quest there is as good as possible.

Mobile legends: Want Free Permanent Skin?  Save the date
Images: instagram @mobilelegendsfyi

Another interesting thing is at the peak of the event which will fall on 15 may 2022 05:00 AM – 16 May 2022 05:00 Am (server time) login prize squad rally day epic giveaway. So you could say by logging into the rally day squad you will get epic skins from the three existing skins, namely Zilong, Rafaela and Karrie skins. Although there are actually some things that the author thinks are quite odd, the problem is the word opportunity, in other words, it is only obtained by certain people.

The final word

Hopefully this is true, so that one of the epic skins can be obtained for free without any requirements other than logging into the game at the squad rally day event. What do you think, gang? is this possible? or just as an attention grabber. We’ll see the next day. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.