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Mobile Legends: These 5 Deadly Duet Compositions Must Be Tried May 2022

Mobile Legends: These 5 Deadly Duet Compositions Must Be Tried May 2022 | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss the 5 deadly duet heroes that the author made because he was inspired when playing, let’s see.

Mobile Legends: These 5 Deadly Duet Compositions Must Be Tried May 2018

These 5 Deadly Duet Compositions Must Be Tried May 2022

1. Grock + Moskov

This tank duet with the marksman seems to be a pretty good duet, as we all know that Grock is a tank that likes to block opponents, it feels like a duet with Moskov with good mobility and the stun effect of his spear makes Moskov and Grock quite good to use. together.

2. Ruby + Aurora

One of the combos that I’ve ever used as a free starter would be to start with Ruby first or aurora first. If I’m the author, usually Ruby will open a team fight in the middle then aurora hides in the bush when Ruby is in war, then Aurora releases her ultimate with a note that her passive skill is active so that causing it to freeze and then playing with ruby ​​using both skills if you want to run away, just pull it using the ruby ​​skill.

3. Fanny + Akai

If this combo is actually the author was inspired by one of the videos that the author saw on Instagram where the two of them worked together, as we know that Akai is one of the counter fanny heroes, but in the video they are actually working together where Akai provokes the opponent to be and approach him. because it disturbs hermit crabs, when the enemy is provoked then Akai will issue his ultimate and squeeze them against the wall then Fanny plays the cable attraction set set set puter enemy has been slain.

4. Angela + Alucard

The combo that the author uses when playing with alucard, although at first the author doubted how he played because alucard was a hero who played quite a lot and became a feeder. However, optimistically, the author gives an opportunity for himself to prove his game, the results are quite good, the duet between the two of them with Angela possessing Alucard makes Pestle move more sadistically.

5. Akai + Zhask

The last one is the combo between zhask and akai. In the past, this combo I used very often with my friends. As we know that the mobility of zhask is not that good, it tends to be slow and makes the opponent run away first when zhask is ultimate, so to get around this, it is necessary to bring the opponent closer to him, like baiting zhask.

The final word

Those are some combos that the author has used, what do you guys think? which combo have you used? or if you have another combo reference, please give your opinion in the comments column for a good combo for the author to include in the content, leave your opinion and the reasons, guys. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.