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Mobile Legends: These 3 Icons Will Make Players Panic

Mobile Legends: These 3 Icons Will Make Players Panic | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss 3 icons that can make mobile legends players panic when playing. Playing games is one of the activities to fill spare time on the sidelines of activities, everyone has a variety of views regarding gaming activities, some are serious, some are relaxed.

These 3 Icons Will Make Players Panic

The game that is currently popular is mobile legends where almost everyone in every place plays this game, the age varies. So what happens when we are playing a ranked mode game suddenly on our smartphone a notification appears these 3 icons it feels a little disturbing, here are 3 notification icons that can make MLBB players panic:

1. Red Signal

Mobile Legends: These 3 Icons Will Make Players Panic

It seems that this is still an obstacle for most mobile legends players, what happens when you want to do a team fight suddenly a red ping is above 258 and a lag occurs. Hmm, actually the red signal factor is quite a lot, not just because of the server factor, it could be because the provider you are using there is not suitable for your area so it is not stable, it could also be because at that hour the net traffic is really busy at that time, it could also be because of the cache Your smartphone has enough so that it needs to be cleaned.

2. Incoming Phone

Mobile Legends: These 3 Icons Will Make Players Panic

Well, if this one is indeed a dilemma, guys, not a few people are sometimes angry because of the incoming phone icon notification on your smartphone. Especially if the calls are from people who are really important, especially if you are in a team fight position. So what if you were in a position like this, what would you do?

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3. Low Battery

Mobile Legends: These 3 Icons Will Make Players Panic

Finally, one notification that doesn’t make you panic is lowbat, especially since the position is currently playing rank and it’s already in the late minutes of the game where the tempo of the game is getting faster and certainly more stressful, a little mistake in playing is fatal as a result. Once he died, the response took a long time, so of course when he was like this he would look for Cass as soon as possible. But what would happen if there where you were at that time there was no power source to charge it as a result? hmmm maybe someone here has experienced this lowbat when they were in war?

The final word

So, those are the 3 notification icons that make you panic when playing mobile legends games, hmm actually it’s not just mobile legends, other online games might be just as panicked. So what do you guys think? which of the three notification icons have you met? I think number 1 is the most frequent haha. Please think that it’s a culture to speak politely, guys