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Mobile Legends: Reasons Why Buying a New Hero is Mandatory

Mobile Legends: Reasons Why Buying a New Hero is Mandatory | Maybe some of you rarely buy new heroes in Mobile Legends. For reasons that may not suit your role. Even though these new heroes can actually provide several advantages. And for those of you who think that new heroes don’t need to be bought, it’s good to pay attention to the following reasons.

The Reason Why Buying a New Hero is Mandatory

1. Possible OP

Mobile Legends: Reasons Why Buying a New Hero is MandatoryThe new heroes certainly haven’t been hit by nerfs or skill adjustments. This causes the new hero usually has the potential to be overpowered. When a hero is over power, of course the hero will be very profitable for the user. Moreover, if you are able to bring out the best potential, then the strength of the hero will be even more dangerous. So the new hero is most likely OP huh.

2. Become a top hero

Mobile Legends: Reasons Why Buying a New Hero is MandatoryIf you buy a new hero and use it in ranked mode. Then you can become the top global hero. If your MMR hero is better than other players. And your rivals are not as many as the old heroes. So the competition between players for new heroes is not as difficult as other heroes.

3. For Other Counter Heroes

Usually the Moonton party is not careless in releasing heroes in Mobile Legends, most of the heroes presented in Mobile Legends are to counter other heroes who are quite difficult to beat. Maybe this has something to do with the first point, namely the released hero may be OP or Over Power, considering the reason above is to counter other heroes.

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The final word

Many players want to buy a new hero in mobile legends, but unfortunately the battle points are not enough to buy the hero. The quick way is to use diamonds to buy them. indeed, most of the heroes released by Moonton will look OP (over powered), this is true because for the first time it was released it needed some adjustments so that Moonton could nerf in the future.

To overcome the hero who is OP (Over Powered) you can ban the hero in draft pick mode. Like now there are hanabi heroes and also martis who are quite troublesome in every match.