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Mobile Legends: Playing with Noob Friends or Playing Alone?

Mobile Legends: Playing with Noob Friends or Playing Alone? | The discussion this time that I think there are still a lot of Mobile Legends players experience in playing is between playing alone and playing with friends.

But in terms of playing alone or with friends, it turns out that it affects the victory in playing Mobile Legends, especially when we play Ranked mode which really needs a strong enough team and more experience in playing in order to win the match. There are various reasons for playing Ranked as follows.Mobile Legends: Playing with Noob Friends or Playing Alone?

Playing with Noob Friends or Playing Alone?

Play Alone

Play alone or call it solo ranked without bringing friends. Well, it turns out that it can also affect the victory, guys, if we play alone, we will definitely get teammates that we don’t know, right? Moreover, we also do not know whether their abilities are nub or pro. So, in playing alone in any mode, then we will need good communication luck in a compact team and of course we will also need enough chemistry to win the match.

Do you like playing alone in Mobile Legends in Ranked mode? Of course, in my opinion, playing solo ranked will also make you win in a row and vice versa can make you lose consecutively.

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Playing With Friends But Noob

So, what do you guys think about this one? Playing with friends in Ranked but your friends are nubs? Do you prefer to play like this or just play alone we don’t know victory on our side or on the enemy’s side.

In my opinion, playing with friends who are still nub is no problem, guys, so we have to guide our friends who are just learning to play and if we often play with our friends who are nub over time, they will also get used to this Mobile Legends game.

The final word

So, in my opinion, playing alone or playing with friends who are noobs is no problem. The key is as long as we believe in our friends in playing and we also have to trust each other with our friends who play in order to get the win.

Playing Mobile Legends games in terms of winning and losing is normal guys, so we win constantly, then we will also be ready to lose constantly, because in the game there must be something called losing and winning.

What do you guys think about my explanation this time? Do you agree with my opinion on this? If you choose between the 2 above, do you want to choose to play alone or play with friends but nub? Please write in the comments column your answer and we will discuss it together, thank you.