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Mobile Legends: New Squad Mode Coming Soon

Mobile Legends: New Squad Mode Coming Soon | This is good news for all of you mobile legends players who have had a squad but have never used it for tournaments or for competitions to hone skills. In the near future moonton will present several new features and new modes that will decorate mobile legends so that they can continue to follow developing trends.

New Squad Mode Coming Soon

As we know that recently, Moonton is planning to release a new mode, which is about survival mode, where in this mode, mobile legends players will feel the sensation of a battle royal-style moba game, which is becoming a genre that is quite popular.

Apart from fashion survival mode as the author once reviewed at that time that moonton also began to prepare a new mode which was planned to be called Conquest of Dawn which in this mode is the in-game Tournament mode. Yes, you could say it’s a place to show off your teeth in addition to playing in the ranks.

Mobile Legends: New Squad Mode Coming Soon
Images: instagram @ml_leak

Because the Tournament Season will change every 1 season, what’s even more unique is that this mode is a mode where you can really take advantage of the Squad features which may have been rarely used or have had little impact on your playing experience if you’ve never participated in a championship. It’s a shame that the squad feature is not very useful, especially now that there is a group feature that can accommodate more members, namely 100 members. Thus the squad feature is less useful.

Mobile Legends: New Squad Mode Coming Soon

To overcome this, Moonton finally made one of the new features, namely Conquest of Dawn, where if you want to join this mode, you must have a squad. Because in this mode, it’s like we are participating in a tournament whose season is once a week where there is a ranking system and there are several schedules that you have to follow. More or less like the tournament at MPL yesterday.

This mode can only be followed by those of you who have squads, besides that, registration for this mode can only be done by a squad leader. Therefore you have to contact your leader, because the slots are very limited and can only be played by 5 people. Oh yes, there is also a disqualification system, so it feels like MPL, but the difference is maybe this is a mini MPL.

The final word

That’s some of the latest information about the latest Conquest Of Dawn mode, don’t forget to immediately look for a squad or create your squad to be able to follow this mode. Of course there are prizes that you will get. So, what do you think, gangs are interested in this mode? Yes, with this mode, it is hoped that you can learn to feel a little about the name tournament style. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.

*Article written by Muhammad Jaenal