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Mobile Legends: Main Event 515 Will Start in 1 Day?

Mobile Legends: Main Event 515 Will Start in 1 Day? | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss about one of the events that will end soon and will go to the peak event, let’s see.

Main Event 515 Will Start in 1 Day?

One of the events that really made mobile legends players ask questions about free skin prizes did make some of them not believe it. As we know, Moonton was known to be a little bit and maybe never held an event where skins could be given away for free.

Mobile Legends: Main Event 515 Will Start in 1 Day?

Indeed, lately Moonton has started to be a little more royal than before, including holding interesting events that mobile legends players can experience. We know that one of the events that is currently attracting our attention is the event from pre-event 515 where 6 days ago this event started as the beginning of the 515 Squad Rally Day event.

For the past six days we were required to complete several missions where if we can complete these missions we will get several gifts that can be exchanged, one of which is the main prize of Gatotkaca’s arhat king skin.

Mobile Legends: Main Event 515 Will Start in 1 Day?

Initially it was thought that the event was indeed the main event and only limited to an event to get Gatotkaca’s arhat king skin, but it turned out to be just a pre-event aka a pre-event where the main event will only run on 11 May 2022 under the name Squad Rally Day.

In the event that will start on May 11, 2022, the task may not be much different from the pre-event mission 515 for skin arhat king gatotkaca yesterday, which is more about how we can play with our friends. I don’t know lately, it seems that Moonton is really trying to attract the attention of players who haven’t been on for a long time.

Mobile Legends: Main Event 515 Will Start in 1 Day?

It is evident from several previous events such as the Lunar New Year event, then an event that gives or invites old players to play again or a spring out event where all the essence of the event is to invite back mobile legends players who haven’t played for a long time.

Including the event that will be held, as the name suggests Squad Rally Day, which means we do play with our friends for our own tasks. The author has not received further information, but moonton has started to prepare some preparatory performances for this event.

Starting from the logo Squad Rally Day 515 then also some borders and other nuances related to the event have started to be installed. So what do you guys think? Do you think there is another purpose for the Squad Rally Day event, why is it called 515? Could there be a certain surprise on the 15th of May? we’ll see and wait. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.