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[Mobile Legends] Hero chang'e Available on Advanced Server

[Mobile Legends] Hero chang’e Available on Advanced Server | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss about one of the new heroes, namely chang’e. After the release of Hanabi to the original server, Moonton will usually introduce a new hero to the advanced server for testing before being released to the original server, this time Moonton has introduced one of his newest heroes, Chang’e, where he plays as a reap/poke mage. which is almost similar to cyclops and harley.

Hero chang’e Available on Advanced Server

This hero is indeed a bit funny if he is used as a mage. The author thinks it is more suitable as a support. But maybe he was born to be a mage hehe. Well, it’s not complete if you don’t know the abilities of each of these skills.

[Mobile Legends]  Hero chang'e Available on Advanced Server

His own passive skill from this hero is called lucky bunny where every time Chang’e manages to release a skill he will be blessed by a rabbit hmmm, that’s a bit strange. Furthermore, each stack reduces the skill cooldown time by 0.5 s and can stack up to 6 times. Hmm, it’s okay to be passive.

First Skill

His first skill is called Run, Rabit, Run! Hmm, it’s a funny name. Chang’e throws several carrot bombs in the specified direction, each carrot bomb deals 150(+50% total magic power) magical damage to the opponent and reduces their movement speed by 75% for 1.5 seconds (if the opponent steps on several carrots, the carrots are thrown together). the damage they take will be less.)

Second Skill

The second skill is called BIU!, BIU!, BIU! Hmm, it’s strange – the name of this new hero skill. Chang’e continuously throws 3 energy balls forward, dealing 125(+90% total magic power) magical damage to the first enemy attacked. If the three energy balls hit the same opponent, the target will be stunned for 1 second. The same target is only stunned once every 6 seconds. Passive: each energy ball can absorb the opponent’s long range basic attack once increasing the energy ball damage by 10%.

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Ultimate Skills

His ultimate skill called bunny bomb chang’e will launch a rabbit missile forward dealing 240(+100% total magic power) magical damage to the first enemy hit by the rabbit missile then immediately the rabbit missile is divided into six small missiles that continue to pursue the target. Each missile deals 160(+100% total magic power) magical damage (every missile that hits the opponent in a row, the resulting damage will be reduced). If the rabbit missile flies up to the maximum attack distance without hitting the target, the rabbit missile will split into small missiles and randomly chase the nearest unit.

The final word

Hmm, in other words, this hero does rely on ultimate and both skills to attack, besides that the basic attack is quite painful, it might also allow us to build this hero into a marksman just like Nana who can be built as a marksman. What do you guys think? the following video hero chang’e.