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Mobile Legends: Here's a Trick to Get Hero OP in Draft Pick May 2022

Mobile Legends: Here’s a Trick to Get Hero OP in Draft Pick May 2022 | If in a Draftpick match you want to pick a Hero like Martis, Lancelot, Kagura or Johnson. Then you must read this article to the end.

Many mobile legends players want to get an overpowered hero because by getting an overpowered hero the possibility of getting a win is quite large, but it all goes back to their respective pilots. But it doesn’t hurt you to use overpowered heroes so that your chances of getting a win are high enough.

Here’s a trick to get Hero OP in Draft Pick

Actually the method is easy, guys, but there are some obstacles from the position of you and your friends, friends. This article is more effective if you play with Squad instead of Solo rank.

Mobile Legends: Here's a Trick to Get Hero OP in Draft Pick May 2018

1. The trick is not to ban the Hero that you think is OP and is a priority in picking. The example is this.

2. You are first in line, so you have to be first. You guys took Angela and Johnson for example. While the enemy is likely to ban Lancelot and Gussion. Well after that you just pick Kagura sobs who are quite OP when fighting.

Then what if it’s not in the main turn?

3. In the current Draft Pick, there are definitely 2 heroes who are banned, namely Lancelot and Johnson. And the others are Martis, Gussion, Angela, and Helcurt.

4. Just a suggestion, friends from me. If you buy a Hero, buy the OP or over power guys, if you can buy all of them. So that when you are at the top of the Draft Pick, you are not confused about choosing a Hero for yourself and your friends.

So the main point to get overpowered heroes that is, you need to have a lot of overpowered heroes so that if one overpowered hero gets banned, you still have another overpowered hero.

The final word

Yep, maybe that’s all the discussion this time. If you want something unique or something that needs to be added, please write it in the comments column. Don’t forget, friends, comment smartly so that you can help each other and have a good discussion.