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Mobile Legends: Get Ready for Zilong's Epic Skin to be Released in May 2022

Mobile Legends: Get Ready for Zilong’s Epic Skin to be Released in May 2022 | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss about one of the newest epic skins which is reportedly ready to be introduced on the original server, let’s see.

Get Ready Zilong Epic Skin Will Be Released

Some time ago the author gave information about some leaks about the epic skin that will be released by moonton, of course the epic skin will use the lucky box system, before we know that the last lucky box is zhask’s epic skin.

Mobile Legends: Get Ready for Zilong's Epic Skin to be Released in May 2018
Images: instagram @ml_leak

After previously there were also epic skins belonging to Odette and Lancelot, now this time Moonton seems to be releasing an epic skin for Zilong Commander Changbanpo where actually after this there are still two remaining epic skins which will also be released using the lucky box system.

Before discussing that, we will discuss Zilong’s epic skin first, maybe some of you will ask, how come Zilong has another epic skin, doesn’t he already have an epic skin? If that’s the case, it’s certainly Moonton’s policy.

But what is certain is that the previous epic skin was not an epic skin that was sold in a limited way or could be said to be limited to certain events because at this time the old Zilong epic skin can indeed be purchased at the store so that it feels less exciting maybe by Moonton.

Mobile Legends: Get Ready for Zilong's Epic Skin to be Released in May 2018
Images: instagram @ml_leak

That’s why this time Moonton made another epic Zilong skin with a cooler concept of course, even though the author is actually a bit confused why Moonton makes it very similar to zhao yun in dynasty warrior. Apart from that, we try to think positively, maybe that’s the case, considering that the character zhao yun itself does take the concept from China.

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The unique thing that the author notices is that the animation effect, which according to the author is still crazy, is that some time ago the author made content about Zilong skin without animation effects, this time there is already an animation effect but it still looks ridiculous:

The final word

So what do you guys think? where is the voice of user zilong, a pickpocket and stealing turret haha. Oh, maybe someone will ask why is Min giving a little criticism about this skin? So, in fact, as long as the criticism is constructive, it’s allowed, anyways, here the author doesn’t insult and offend anyone. So if you really want to give criticism or input, please feel free, but don’t insult or insult other people, cultivate a polite comment, show the world that Indonesian people have good personalities. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.