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Mobile Legends: Estes Skin Becomes a Season 8 Skin, the Gameplay

Mobile Legends: Estes Skin Becomes a Season 8 Skin, the Gameplay | Season 8 is still a long way off, there are still around 30 or so, but Moonton has prepared one of the exclusive skins for season 8 where in this season the one who will get the exclusive skin is from the support role, namely Estes.

Skin Estes Becomes a Season 8 Skin, the Gameplay

Not a few object to Moonton’s decision because they think the hero is less useful and there are also those who think that the hero’s estes are not selling well. In fact, if we look at the last few seasons, Estes used to be a mainstay hero.

Mobile Legends: Estes Skin Becomes a Season 8 Skin, the Gameplay
Images: instagram @ml_leak

I really remember that at that time I didn’t use 2 tanks meta, but 1 tank and 1 support. Well, one of the supports that was really selling well at that time was Estes with her rival, Rafaela. If you know that Estes used to have a combo with Karina, she is a pretty dangerous killing machine.

Yes, the current meta sometimes still maintains the mainstay of 2 tanks, but actually it can also be with 2 tanks 1 support or 1 tank and 1 support as long as you can really keep the carry hero. Whether or not all heroes are good depends on the user and also the team and opponents they face.

So the selection of a hero in building a meta is very necessary, because the meta is actually dynamic, it doesn’t always only use that – that’s all to become a professional player, you have to develop. Therefore, actually Moonton’s decision to make Estes Skin Season 8 wasn’t bad – really bad, here is the short gameplay:

Although Estes is indeed a weak and quite soft hero, if in a team fight by taking a strategic position and being protected safely he can be one of the support heroes which is quite dangerous, not to mention if there are users who are crazy when building Estes with the marksman item hmm.

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The final word

Now that’s information about the skin season 8 which will be filled by Estes with the white crane skin. Whether or not the hero is good or not depends on how we use it, the needs of the team and seeing the opponent’s meta. What do you think, gang? Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.

*Article written by Muhammad Jaenal