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Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

Mobile Legends: Claude’s New Marksman Hero | Alhamdullilah, in advance, the author wishes you a happy birthday of Pancasila, where this ideology can unite all different groups. While accompanying your long holiday today, the author will invite you to discuss about one of the new heroes that has appeared to replace Chang’e on the advanced server, let’s see.

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

Talking about mobile legends is indeed something that has no end, for some reason Moonton always makes updates almost every week or even every day.

Claude’s New Marksman Hero

Learning from Moonton’s previous experiences this time it has moved so fast than before since the end of 2022 moonton always does new things, both features, heroes and skins in Mobile Legends are constantly being updated. Well, not long ago, Moonton officially released the little mage hero chang’e to the original server.

As already – Moonton always prepares a replacement for the hero who will fill the advanced server for testing as well as being developed in the advanced server. This time Moonton released Claude’s hero with the role of marksman.

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

Previously Moonton did a survey before being introduced to the advanced server, this hero does have a character as a young man with a weapon in his hand along with one of the small animals, namely a monkey with him.

Some of his abilities also remind us of the old generation of clint, where if you are an old player you will know how sadistic old clint is. Especially the ultimate which according to the author is crazy because he has an ultimate ability that covers almost the same area as Hanabi, but the difference is that his ultimate Hanabi explodes flowers when Claude shoots in all directions.

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

However, this Claude is indeed very similar to the old generation clint where his ability is also considered by the author to be quite useful for team fights. Yes, it is possible that this marksman is indeed a marksman designed to be a typical marksman who likes team fights because almost all of his skills are damage area types.

For those of you who want to know information about the new system of teachers and students, you can see this article Mobile Legends: New System of Teachers and Students

Reported from the page (31/06/2022). This time, we have Hero MM who adds to the list of MM Men. What is this Claude like? check below bro. Hmmm, that’s cool, sobs, monkey handler. I hope the cosplay will bring real monkeys.

Explanation of passive and active skills

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

Basic Attack

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

I think the basic attack is very OP guys, because the shots are not only from Claude, but the monkey also shoots. Maybe the video will be clearer.

Skill 1

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

This 1st skill deals damage and Slow in an area. If you’ve ever played AOV and used Hero Maloch, you’ll know, friends.

Skill 2

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

This 2nd skill releases Dexter’s Ape Projectile and will shoot his opponent for a few seconds in the projectile attack area. In addition, Claude can also change his position with the Projectile. Similar to Harley’s Magician Skill.

Skill 3

Mobile Legends: Claude's New Marksman Hero

And lastly, this Ulti is very similar to the old Clint or Marcopolo from KOG guys. But there is still a striking difference, namely the breadth. The concept is the same but the distance is very wide.

The final word

That’s some information about the new hero Claude, for a description of the skills and short gameplay, the author will review in the next post. So far, according to the author, this marksman is quite good and might be a threat to the role tank because his abilities are quite painful. So what do you think?

Yep, maybe that’s all the discussion this time. If you want something unique or something that needs to be added, please write it in the comments column. Don’t forget, friends, comment smartly so that you can help each other and have a good discussion.

*Article written by Muhammad Jaenal