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[Mobile Legends] 5 Things Noob Often Do

[Mobile Legends] 5 Things Noob Often Do | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss 5 things that are often done by a noob player, although some of these things are not all like that, but most of them are like that, let’s see.

5 Things Noob Often Do

1. At the time of selecting a selfish hero

[Mobile Legends]  5 Things Noob Often Do

Choosing a hero is our first step in knowing our team’s future style of play. For those of you who play solo ranked, knowing the meta that will be used by the team according to the hero selection can be an initial prediction of the outcome of the match even though the prediction is not 100 percent correct.

It seems that in the selection of this hero, it is also one of the measuring points that the person is considered a noob or not. Especially if he tends to be selfish, he doesn’t want to listen to the team, so he uses heroes as he pleases without compromising the team composition. Regardless of whether he is good or not, however, one of the winning factors that is no less important is teamwork.

2. Likes to belittle other people

If this seems almost to be a bad attitude, an action like this can provoke a negative sentiment both among the team and with the opponent. Because basically someone who is professional will never underestimate his opponent.

Maybe he will be very embarrassed if he gets hit by an epic comeback after he underestimates other people, this usually doesn’t only underestimate the opponent, but sometimes the team likes to be underestimated if they feel their team’s performance is bad.

3. AFK When Not Getting Buff

Regarding who is entitled to a buff should be one thing that must be mutually agreed upon, why is that? so that in one team there will be no commotion, let alone fighting over buffs until finally there are players who are cranky because they don’t get buffs and tend to be afflicted.

Indeed, it might be annoying when we use a hero who needs a buff like Fanny but in fact it is not given by our teammates. However, try to keep playing even without a buff, lest you decide to afk.

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4. All Buffs He Takes Without Paying Attention To Friends

[Mobile Legends]  5 Things Noob Often Do

Almost the same as the third point, but the difference is that this is a character that according to the author is quite greedy. Even though I used to be like this when I was still a Karina user haha. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know about buffs or because he’s a greedy player who is actually quite selfish

He finished off all the buffs without caring about his comrades who also needed buffs, he finished evenly even to the opponent’s jungle. Yes, if you finish off your opponent’s buff, it’s not a good problem. Just keep giving buffs to your teammates.

5. Map blind and not paying attention to instructions

The last thing that according to the author can call someone a noob is not because he can’t kill but is a player who is map-blind and doesn’t pay attention to instructions from the team. Acting on his own, if the team is asked to do a team fight he is busy farming but when told to back off he goes forward. Being in danger of worrying about being caught in a trap, he stepped forward because he was tempted by an opponent who had a little more HP left.

The final word

So, those are some of the things that a noob player often does, so what do you guys think? do you often find players with what kind of things? Or do you have experience finding noob players with strange things? please share here. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.