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Mobile Legends: 4 Ways to Beat Hero Martis

Mobile Legends: 4 Ways to Beat Hero Martis | So this time I will discuss a little about how to beat Martis, which has been used by a lot of users lately. Martis himself is arguably the Hero who has managed to get the user’s attention because of his cool design and his skills that are troublesome for opponents.

Even though this is a plus point from Martis, there are still ways to fight Martis. How do you do it? check below, bro.

Mobile Legends: 4 Ways to Beat Hero Martis

4 Ways to Defeat Hero Martis

1. Opponent After Casting Skill 2

Mobile Legends: 4 Ways to Beat Hero MartisYep, this hero is a Burst Damage type. Almost every skill has damage that is quite large, especially Skill 2 which is unavoidable and has a knockback effect on the opponent in front of him. So, attacking Martis in this way will make him confused. Because Skill 2 is also used to escape guys.

2. Fight With Diggie

Well, it’s true, for example, that Martis is the most riotous hero at the moment. Because his CC Skill which can be said to be very sick and makes the enemy in front of him helpless because of his 1st and 2nd Skills. Therefore, Diggie’s role with his Ulti will be very useful if Martis issues Skills 1 and 2. It will not be useful anyway.

3. Fight with Far Range Hero

Finally, there are opponents with far-range heroes such as Marksman and Mage. Yep Martis will be useless if the enemy is not nearby. Because almost all of the Skills have a Medium Range (not too far) but the area is wide. Similar to Lapu Lapu guys, but Martis can be said to be a Hero with quite a lot of damage. Hmm Hero CC but the damage is painful, too Imba in my opinion.

4. Disable or Stun first

Instead of fighting Martis 1 vs 1, it’s a good idea to do a gank to minimize defeat, especially if you’ve lost gold and items, you can gank with a hero who has the ability to disable or also stun like hero nana or aurora. That way you can kill quickly when Martis is being disabled or also stun.

Yep, maybe that’s a little recommendation from me. Maybe not very good because this is my experience against Martis. Maybe others can add in the comments column.