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Mobile Legends: 4 Facts About Smurf Accounts

Mobile Legends: 4 Facts About Smurf Accounts | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss 4 facts about the smurf account. The smurf account itself is usually an account created outside the main account, meaning the latest account created by a mobile legends player outside the account he first created and played games. The smurf account itself has no limits, but usually a mobile legends player generally has only two accounts, the first one he created, the other one is the smurf account or his second account, so here are some facts about the smurf account.

4 Facts About the Smurf Account

1. Much Better Win Rate

Mobile Legends: 4 Facts About Smurf Accounts

Learning from previous experiences, namely when you first create an account, it is indeed a valuable experience in the future, including creating a smurf account. If your main account has a pretty bad win rate and a not-so-good history of favorite heroes, it should be able to make your evaluation and study material that should be applied to a new account. Where on the Smurf account it should be much better and have a much better win rate

2. Have a Much Better Experience

Mobile Legends: 4 Facts About Smurf Accounts

Supposedly if you have a smurf account, of course your experience is far more than new players who have just played. Same with the first point of experience you should be able to play much better than before.

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3. Usually More Tend To Quickly Rank Up

Mobile Legends: 4 Facts About Smurf Accounts

With more experience and flying hours, of course, a smurf account should be able to reach a higher tier in a shorter time. Because it’s different from people who play for the first time, they must first learn about certain heroes, understand the features in mobile legends, and build build items and set strategies that make them have to be extra hard. Unlike those who have smurf accounts, they should be more proficient, making it easier for them to rank up faster.

4. Don’t worry too much when you lose rank

Mobile Legends: 4 Facts About Smurf Accounts

Usually the reason for creating a smurf account is other than to help friends who are just playing for push rank, as an exclamation or just to relieve fatigue from the tightness of the game on the main account. Especially those who have reached a high tier and are often solo ranked. It seems to create a smurf account as an outlet for the defeat in the main account. So, because the goal is fun – the call to usually lose on a smurf account is not so much to worry about.

The final word

Those are some facts about the smurf account, so what do you think, guys? where is the voice for the mobile legends player who has a smurf account? how many smurf accounts do you have? Please give your opinion, cultivate a good and polite comment, guys. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.