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[Mobile Legends] 3 Heroes Overpowered But Rarely Used April 2022

3 Heroes Overpowered But Rarely Used April 2022 | The author will invite you to discuss about 3 Overpowered heroes that are quite potential but unfortunately they are rarely used, let’s see. The reason it is rarely used may be because META is still inferior to other heroes, considering that Moonton always presents new heroes who are arguably quite Overpowered compared to old heroes.

3 Heroes Overpowered But Rarely Used

1. Lapu – Lapu

3 Heroes Overpowered But Rarely Used April 2018

It seems that it is rare for us to meet a lazy player, even though according to the author, this hero is quite powerful when used as a fighter, which is typically similar to a rioter martis. Having several skills that are quite powerful, this fighter/assassin is indeed quite useful in the game, but unfortunately for some reason it is rarely used. The author has played several times with friends who use lapu – lapu and the semi tank build is work it. Where is the user’s voice lalu-lapu?

2. Clint

3 Heroes Overpowered But Rarely Used April 2018

If you may ask who is the craziest and most overpowered marksman hero, Clint. If only the mana consumption wasn’t so wasteful, maybe this hero would be a meta now. If you pay close attention, Clint has a passive which according to the author is the craziest, because every time he uses his skill, his passive will be active and give additional damage. You can imagine if he spams skills continuously, his passive is active because his passive doesn’t have a time lag.

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3. Eudora

3 Heroes Overpowered But Rarely Used April 2018

Finally, Eudora, one of the author’s favorite mages and is still the favorite hero in this profile statistic, according to the author, a mage who is quite crazy, especially the damage can be deadly. Even tanks can run out of HP because of being electrocuted, not to mention the cooldown of the second skill which is quite fast making Eudora quite good when used, but unfortunately the movement is quite slow.

The final word

So, those are the three heroes that according to the author are quite overpowered but they are rarely used, even though the three heroes are quite useful if you can use them. Yes, the three of them need good team work, because without team work this hero will be a little overwhelmed. Except for Eudora, who can still hold it because she has a stun that cooldown is fast enough. So what do you guys think? are there other heroes that you think are OP but rarely used? Please leave it in the comments column, guys. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.