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Moba Tap-Tap Vainglory Will Become an Analog Game?

Moba Tap-Tap Vainglory Will Become an Analog Game? | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss about the vainglory game which will make a breakthrough in the upcoming 3.4 update, let’s see.

Moba Tap-Tap Vainglory Will Become an Analog Game?

It has been a long time since the author has provided information about vainglory, the mobile MOBA game that the author first played from the 3v3 era until now, it supports 5v5. This game that does have cool graphic quality does make some new innovations.

Moba Tap-Tap Vainglory Will Become an Analog Game?

Since its initial release, vainglory has indeed become a MOBA game that is different from other MOBA games, it does have differences both in terms of graphics, the number of players who used to be only 3v3 to the control system that uses taps, making it feel like playing PC moba games.

With a control system that uses taps, vainglory has very good precision, but it turns out that this makes a lot of players feel a bit difficult, so they need a screen that is wide enough to play it. In response to this, Super Evil Megacorp as the developer of Vainglory did the latest development.

Where in the upcoming update 3.4, they are preparing a new control mode, namely with an analog system based on the information the author got, they said that the analog system had long been suggested by one of the vainglory casters named excoundrel. However, regarding the control system, many players do not agree with the discourse.

Moba Tap-Tap Vainglory Will Become an Analog Game?

The reason is of course it will change the style and feel of the game in vainglory which is already in such a way. In response to this, SEMC said that this is still experimental in nature, so it will not be forced, they are still discussing the proposal. However, they will also try to make the analog control system as comfortable as other MOBA games. It seems analogous viruses are rampant.

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The final word

So what do you guys think? do you agree that vainglory will carry an analog control system? if the author doesn’t agree, the article is like that, after all, both analog and tap-tap have their own characteristics and the author doesn’t find it difficult to play both. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.