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Magic Chess Update Brings New Heroes And Combinations!

Anyone know Magic Chess? Magic Chess is one of the newest features in mobile legends. In the magic chess the new heroes added are Franco (Weapon Master, Northen Vale), Carmila (Blood Demon, Wrestle), Natalia (Monastry of Light, Assassins), Bruno (Cyborg, Marksman), Cecilion (Blood Demon, Mage) , Thamus (Abyss, Fighter), and finally the newest marksman Popol and Kupa (Northen Vale, Marksman, Summoner).

All of these new heroes have their own skills, including, Natalia has a teleport skill that can attack enemies very easily, Natalia has the ability to stun her opponent for 2.5 seconds, and many others.

There is another interesting thing besides this latest update, where Moonton can give season rewards to players who prefer to play Magic Chess mode.

How ? interesting right ? what are you waiting for, play now !!