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Kill the Opponent with Leomord Mobile Legends, Get to Know the Skills Below!

Was considered a fighter who only won style, Leomord Mobile Legends returns as one of the class fighters Fighter spectacular power. A mix of agile maneuvers, aggressive attacks, and Ultimate skill extraordinary, Leomord is suitable for players who are good at utilizing their active and passive abilities for the team’s victory.

Curious how to play this fighter to the fullest? This is a guide for those of you who are curious about the abilities of this equestrian fighter.

Who is Leomord Mobile Legends?

leomord mobile legends story

In keeping with his gallant appearance as a cavalry knight, Leomord Mobile Legends story originated from its origins as a knight protector of the king and queen in a kingdom which later became the Fortress of Despair. Leomord wields a sword named Oath Keeper to annihilate the enemies that invaded the kingdom, without exception.

When the queen is affected by the evil influence of The Abyss and turns the inhabitants of the kingdom into zombies, Leomord is powerless to kill the queen because he has sworn allegiance. Desperate, Leomord killed himself with his sword. However, his queen could not turn him into a zombie because his soul was protected by his courage and strength.

Unable to change it, the queen persuades Leomord to become her zombie guardian soldier on the grounds that they were once residents of the kingdom where Leomord served. Leomord summoned his loyal horse, Barbiel, and used Oath Keeper to protect the Fortress of Darkness.

The Newest and Sick Leomord Build

leomord mobile legends guide

Because this fighter only shows strength at the end of the game, Leomord Mobile Legends build You have to be strong in defence, especially at the start. Here are some build items which must be your mainstay to play Mobile Legends latest season.

1. Warrior Boots

Get build items defensive nature must be your first step if you use Leomord. Warrior Boots give +22 points Physical Defense plus a fivefold increase for three seconds when Leomord receives the effect Basic Attackbut the maximum can only be up to 25 points.

2. Bloodlust Ax

Leomord starts the game quite vulnerable because he easily runs out of energy when attacking. You need a weapon that can simultaneously recharge its energy faster. Bloodlust Ax can be the second choice of item because it gives Leomord +70 points Physical Attack+20 percent Spell Vampand +10 percent CD Reduction.

3. Endless Battle

Endless battle gives Crowley additional speed, attack, and Physical Life Steal (stealing HP from opposing players). Endless Battle even still gives extra rewards, which is an additional 85 percent physical attack points for creating a passive skill called Divine Justice so your hero will go through time cooldown for 1.5 seconds.

4. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair maybe included Leomord Mobile Legends best build for middle level. This weapon gives him +170 points Physical Attack plus +5 percent Movement Speed. Carrying this weapon can give Leomord an edge when the game begins to enter the final stages. He can even produce an additional physical attack effect of 25 percent for two seconds when facing an opponent with less than 50 percent HP.

5. Immortality

Immortality is build items Leomord’s mainstay to avoid a sudden ambush (ambush). Leomord can get +40 points Armor+850 HP, plus the ability to revive within two seconds.

Make sure to equip these items to make your Leomord a formidable figure who is feared during wartime.

Hero Leomord’s Painful Skill

leomor mobile legends skin
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The new version of Leomord brings many advantages, especially as a fighter who begins to peak in the late stages of the game. You have to know the various skills it has in order to kill your opponent effectively. Here are some of the main skills:

1. Momentum

Momentum allows Leomord to attack in a certain direction, then deals damage while slowing down the opponent’s movement by up to 60 percent. Even though it’s a Level 1 Skill, Momentum can be your master’s weapon if you meet an opponent who is good at crowd control.

2. Decimation Assault

In Skill Level 2, Leomord can make the opponent hit damage at the same time slow effect up to 50 percent. There are two ways to use it: to fight as well as to run away in a state of urgency.

3. Phantom Steed

It’s time for you to bring out Leomord’s mainstay horse, Barbiel! This horse can give physical damage up to 100 percent plus slow down the enemy’s speed by 50 percent. Leomord can ride it for 15 seconds to attack while moving flexibly.

Tips for GG Using Leomord

leomor mobile legends build

use Leomord Mobile Legends guide below so that your team will be successful in winning the mission.

1. Choose Exp Lane

The Exp Lane is the most ideal path for -type fighters Fighter, including Leomord. This path allows him to level up faster. Here, you have to focus on crushing activities turret opposing team. In addition to making it easier for the team, Leomord can also kill opponents more effectively without turret.

2. Don’t Play Hastily

The new Leomord showed the advantage at the end of the game, so there was no need gasp while still in the early stages. Focus on activities such as collecting gold coins, then use them to buy various build items to the highest type. Build items this will be useful later when you have reached the end of the game.

3. Often Use Basic Attack

Ultimate skill Leomord is powerful, but not the only attack mainstay. In order for this ability to be realized faster, you must often use basic attacks so that it becomes new Ultimate skill fill up fast. At the start of the game, feel free to attack opponents whose HP level is lower than 30 percent.

4. Play Sadistic when Ultimate Skill is Full

What about when Leomord finally managed to get Ultimate skill full? Make the most of it and don’t hesitate to use it as a means to finish the game quickly for your team. Ultimate skill Leomord is Phantom Speed and Phantom Seed.

Leomord Mobile Legends is now no longer a fighter with dubious physical flaws that make him have to be left out more often. Its design development creates a formidable fighter with a magical mount. Use Leomord as a way to help the team as they approach the end of the game!