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Kazuha Predicted to Die in Genshin Impact 2.1?

Starting on September 1st, Genshin Impact will have a new patch, version 2.1, which will continue the story of the rebellion against the Shogun. The latest trailer has also been revealed which shows various important events in Inazuma.

One of them is Kazuha Kaedahara’s condition which is in danger, there are several moments in the trailer where Kazuha is shown in vibes gloomy, he also fought Raiden Shogun Baal with his own sword, following in the footsteps of his dead friend.

Meanwhile, according to previous leaks, it was revealed there would be a big loss for a favorite character during the final arc of Inazuma’s story.

From there, many fans predict that this time miHoYo will make one character playable Dies in the story. It is possible that this will happen, considering that in the previous game Honkai Impact, miHoYo also made his playable character, Himeko Murata, die in the story.

Another scene that also explains Kazuha’s death, is his dim vision, this is a condition where the Shogun has seized the power of vision for the sake of immortality. Although it is uncertain whether the user will die once the vision is taken.

Scramouche and La Signora from Fatui

Kazuha Predicted to Die in Genshin Impact 2.1?

In the final arc, players will return to the arrival of iconic enemies who have been absent for several patches namely Scramouche and La Signora, both of whom will be present at Inazuma as usual to seize Archon Electro’s Gnosis.

So far it’s still unclear whether Scramouche is in playable character like Tartaglia or not, but La Signora is confirmed to be the new weekly boss.

Apart from the leaks and fan speculations, there has been no further confirmation whether Kazuha will die, if it really happens during the update, it will definitely become a hot topic in the community. What do you think?