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Karina Mobile Legends, Aggressive Hero That Can Triple Kill

One of hero with Assassin’s Role The dangerous one in Mobile Legends is Karina. Karina’s advantage that doesn’t exist in hero another is can do refresh on skillsher shortly after doing kill. This is what makes Karina Mobile Legends easy to get penta kill hence the nickname serial killer.

Because skills can be-spamming throughout the game, Karina is quite profitable for the player. It’s just that players need to practice skills to find the right time and position so that the hero is not hit gank or die silly.

Karina’s Strengths and Weaknesses

karina mobile legends skills

As hero, Karina looks absolutely perfect. However, it also has certain advantages and disadvantages. You need to know it in order to play the character hero this to the max.

Well, some of Karina’s advantages are:

Have burst damage tall

Skills Karina’s passive can cause true damage on his third attack. It also causes burst damage even on tanks equipped with defense items thick one.

Have high mobility

Another advantage of Karina is that she can add movement speed when using skills 1 for a few seconds. With this advantage, he can move lane in a short time. He can also chase the enemy or run away from the enemy.

Easy to get kill

This advantage is the main attraction of Karina. He can finish hero opponent in battle. Because the third skills what he has can reset in a very short time.

Easy to use

Karina is easy to use in the game. Players just need to know when to attack.

Can be another counter hero

Karina can be counter Tank, Fighter, or Marksman. He can fight Fighter heroes because skills 1 provides an immune effect from basic attacks. Effect true damage also renders the Tank powerless.

Meanwhile, lack Karina Mobile Legends among others:

Depends on item

Karina’s weakness is that she relies heavily on items which he has. Most of the damage indeed produced from basic attack nor ultimate skills. For that, Karina needs to do farming at the start of the game. So, you can complete build items required.

Weak against CC

Uniquely, Karina is not immune to attacks crowd control. Because of that, hero this is very easy to deal with Assassin and Mage.

Bad in defense

Skills Karina’s possessions can be used at short ranges. This makes it difficult to do defense against the turret. Hero it also takes a long time to clean minion.

Single Target

Karina’s other weakness is that she can only focus on one on one. Because of that, hero it can’t be relied on to attack hero in large quantities at once.

Build Items Karina Mobile Legends

karina mobile legends build

With Karina Mobile Legends build items, hero it will have extraordinary toughness. Well, there are some items which can be selected to make the game more exciting.

Arcane Boots

You can choose Arcane Boots as the first item. Items this can give magical penetration and movement speed. By using Arcane Boots, damage obtained will increase significantly.

Calamity Reaper

Furthermore, you can also use Calamity Reapers. Items this added true damage effect so that it can defeat the opponent in one hit.

Concentrated Energy

Items Concentrated Energy is items mandatory when using spell vamp. Hero will get magic power extra. In addition, there are additional magical lifesteal.

Holy Crystal

For those of you who want to add effects damage on Karina, select Holy Crystal items. Hero will get magic power extra. Besides, Karina can do magic attack stronger according to the level it reaches.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive is items which will help block tank enemy. Due to using this item, damage on enemy HP can be increased up to 30%.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings offers damage the greatest when Karina in action. Items this can inflict 150 Magic Power and an additional 500 HP.

How to Play Karina Mobile Legends

karina mobile legends guide
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In order to play hero This is to the maximum, you must know what actions need to be done at the beginning of the game, in the middle of the game, and at the end of the game.

Early Games

The first thing you need to do is buy jungle items so that Karina can do it faster farming. This will help raise the level of the hero. After that, you can also do clear wave and farming. At level 4, you can do roaming. Karina is known as hero the one that can roaming and executes well.

Mid Game

By mid-game, you should have 3 to 4 items required. Next, you can do ganking with the team. Don’t forget to spend jungle on enemy territory so that the enemy cannot catch up with the level hero.

Late Game

Towards the end of the game, Karina can catch up hero main enemy. As much as possible do not participate in team fights. Perform the task silently or after the enemy takes out ultimate skills-his.

Guide to Playing with Karina

karina mobile legends story

In addition, there are some simple tips that you can do when playing Karina. Here are some of them:

  • Don’t be careless at the start of the game. Focus on farming with the aim of getting gold as much as possible. Remember, Karina needs build items which is quite a lot.
  • Beware of hero Assassin or Mage because Karina is very vulnerable to skills Take action after the enemy takes out stun skills.
  • Ask the team for help to defend the Turret while in position defense.
  • You can also do spam skills 1 throughout the game. Skills it can be optimized for laning or kill monsters.
  • Activate Hero Lock Mode so that ultimate skills Karina wasn’t aiming the wrong way.

So, playing Karina’s character in Mobile Legends is not too difficult, right? With practice, you can help your team win the battle while using hero Karina. Don’t forget, do top up diamonds first through UniPin to buy hero this. Have a nice play.