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Kagura's Best Build Items & Spells and How to Use It

Kagura is a Mage-type hero, this character is identical to her umbrella which is very dangerous if left unchecked. Kagura herself will be feared if she is in a state of superior level and items the ready-made one, it’s often tiresome when it’s in mode rank draft pick. The following is an explanation of skill, spells, build Kagura’s best items and their explanations & uses.

I. Explanation of Kagura’s Skill

Passive Skills

The first kagura has passive skills Yin Yang Gatheringwhen Seimei Umbrella and hero becoming one will result in a shield absorbing 300(+180%Total Magic Power) Points Damage and stun nearby enemies and slow them down. This effect can only be triggered every 4.5 seconds at most

Skill 1

Next there are skills Seimei Umberella Open which serves to move Seimei Umberella to the specified Area, dealing 330(+130% Total Magic Power) points Magic damage against the enemy and at the same time bring down Movement Speed they are 60%. This skill has a cooldown of 5.0 seconds and costs 60 mana.

Skill 2

For skills next one is Rasho Umberella Flee Skill it has cooldown for 12.0 seconds and Mana costs 80. With Seimei Umberella: remove debuffs. Kagura moved in one direction and left her umbrella. Without seimei umbrella or without the umbrella: kagura will move to the umbrella and take the umbrella, and will give 205 (+90% total magic power) magical damage against the enemy.

Skill 3

And for those who skills the last kagura is Yin Yang Overtum with a cooldown of 43.0 seconds and a mana cost of 85. With Umberella: gives 260(+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage, Knock Back and slow closest enemy and when without seimei umbrella : the umbrella will give you 330 (+100% total magic power) magic damage to the enemies around him and will make link against them, reduce movement speed. And skills it can reset cooldown skills seimei umbrella open. If the enemy cannot escape from link after 3 seconds, they will receive 450(+180% total magic power) magic damageand will be dragged to the area umbrella (as long as the target is still within reach link, link won’t let go, even if skills first or second issued during link). Skills this is better to use in open war conditions because skillswhich reaches the surrounding area.

II. Build Items Kagura

The following are the best items currently in use by the global top 1 Kagura. Which is currently held by a Singapore-flagged ID with 486 match and the winning percentage is 82.1%.

III. Explanation of Kagura Items

1. Magic Shoes

First recommended to pick up the item Magic Shoes for adding +40 Moven speed and give cooldown reduction +10%.

2. Glowing Wand

And further items second is Glowing Wandthis item gives +75 magic power, +5% movement speed, +15 megical PEN, and this item has Passive-unique-Scourch: Burn the target for 3 seconds when skills hits the enemy and deals 2% – 3% of mobile phone current enemy as Magic Damage. Up to 10 points.

3. Lightning Truncheon

For the third one can take the item Lightning Truncheon, This item is passive every 6 seconds, Magical chance will increase, maximum 3 enemies will be injured by 150% Magic power damage. And also this item will give extra +75 magic power and +30 where is regen.

4. Concentrated Energy

Items this adds +70 magic power+700 mobile phone+30% Spell Vamp and this item has a passive: Regen 10% of mobile phone after killing hero. Items it is used as lifesteal its kagura.

5. Blood Wings

Furthermore, for the fifth item, it is possible to take items Blood Wings which works add +150 Magic Power and +150 MOBILE PHONE. And this skill has a unique passive in the form of adding 2 mobile phone for every 1 magic power which is added.

6. Devil Tears

And lastly there are items Devil Tears which gives an additional +65 magic power. And this item has a unique form: will add +40 Magical PEN and Unique Passive-Spellbreaker: when mobile phone higher than 70% unique effect bonus increased by 30%. This last addition will make Kagura even more sick because of the additional additions above.

IV. Battle Spells for Kagura

For Battle Spell her, Kagura used Retribution which has 600-1440 True Damage to jungle monsters or minions that have been targeted in order to win the level first.

Hopefully with a build explanation items & spells This Kagura can increase your knowledge so that you can win continuously when playing solo or ranked with your friends.

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