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Is It True That The Legend of Neverland Mimics Genshin Impact?

Game success Genshin Impact become an inspiration for other game developers to create a type of game with a similar concept. But what happens if the game developer takes too many of the same concepts, to be accused of plagiarism. As is currently viral, namely mobile games The Legend of Neverland published by a Korean publisher, GameArk Global. The Legend of Neverland called imitating the exact same concept as Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact alone is action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo on September 28, 2022. Even though it was only released a few months ago, this game managed to make 1 Billion USD only from the mobile platform in the first 6 months of release.

No wonder publishers like GameArk Global make The Legend of Neverland with a similar concept like Genshin Impact. However, as is well known, there is a certain limit to taking the concept so as not to violate the law with copyright claims.

Comparison of Genshin Impact with The Legend of Neverland. @ZhugeEX

The Legend of Neverland is known to have opened the pre-registration period on May 21, 2022 with a Close Beta Test (CBT) which started on May 15, 2022. This shows that this game will be released in the near future on the mobile platform. And it’s not surprising that recently, many people have seen advertisements for this game on social media, such as YouTube.

Ads from games The Legend of Neverland it became viral and the discussion of many people. Even a trusted video game analyst, Daniel Ahmad or ZhugeEX. Through his official twitter account he said that The Legend of Neverland Imitate Genshin Impact using very similar art, fonts, designs and game mechanics.

“It looks like this game is from the Korean publisher, Game-Ark. Uses the same art, fonts, designs and other mechanics as used in Genshin. Even advertising plays the Genshin Impact aspect with almost 1:1 recreation,” said Daniel Ahmad.

Even though, The Legend of Neverland itself has not been officially released. So GameArk Global has not been proven to commit plagiarism. now game MMORPG and Open World, The Legend of Neverland has opened its pre-registration period at Play Store and App Store.