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Interested in Downloading One Punch Man Android? Come on, get to know the character first

Saitama who is the main character in the manga and anime One Punch Man is indeed interesting. This character is often described as a silly person and often acts like himself. However, on the other hand, Saitama is a hero with unbeatable strength. Therefore, many gamer who are interested download One Punch Man when this story is picked up in a game.

Interestingly, you can find games One Punch Man on multiple platforms, including users smartphone Android. Here, you can find two game options, One Punch Man: Road to Hero and One Punch Man: The Strongest. It’s just, you won’t be able download One Punch Man Road to Hero because the developer still doesn’t provide it in Indonesia. Instead, you can choose games The Strongest version.

Tier Game Characters One Punch Man: The Strongest

download one punch man road to hero

Method download One Punch Man on Android devices is very easy. You can download this game for free on the Google Play Store. Furthermore, you can also play various hero characters such as those in the manga and anime story One Punch Man. When you play it, you will know that games This is executed by forming party contains 6 characters. You can defeat various enemies if you manage to collect strong characters in your team.

Like the story in One Punch Man, the hero or villain character in the game games These are classified in several groups. The determination of the group was carried out to identify each character’s strength. There are 4 tier characters that you can meet when download games One Punch Man The Strongest, namely:

Tier SS

Characters in tier SS is the strongest character you can play in games One Punch Man: The Strongest. You might think that Saitama belongs to this group. However, that estimate was wrong. Saitama is the strongest character that cannot be played. Instead, you can form a team that can fight side by side with Saitama. Furthermore, Saitama will appear when you have a total damage sufficient.

If not Saitama, who are the characters included in tier SS? There are 2 characters that you will find in this group, namely Child Emperor and Carnage Kabuto. Child Emperor is quite familiar, known as one of the S class heroes in the One Punch Man anime. Meanwhile, Carnage Kabuto is one of the villain and is known as artificial mutant the strongest made by Dr. The genus of the House of Evolution.

Child Emperor has the advantage of being able to make stun enemy with a percentage of 50%. Meanwhile, Carnage Kabuto has a passive ability that can reflect enemy attacks by 20%. Well, to get the SS tier hero you can do: top up One Punch Man on UniPinthere are various kinds of booster packages that can make it easier for you to get heroes and defeat enemies.

Tier S

The second strongest character group is tier S. Here, you can find Tatsumaki or Terrible Tornado which is the second strongest S class hero after Blast in the One Punch Man anime. As in the anime, Terrible Tornado has the advantage of being able to attack AoE.

You can also find abilities that are no less powerful in Atomic Samurai characters. This character has atomic slash skill what makes damage to the enemy becomes bigger. In addition, there are also 3 characters tier Other S, such as Tank Top Master which is very suitable as tankerthe Deep Sea King whodamage high, as well as Groribas who has the passive ability to increase damage the team as a whole.

Tier A

Those included in tier A is also strong enough for you to include in the team. Moreover, each character has its own unique abilities. Some of the characters in tier Among them are:

  • Golden Ball. This character has several abilities that can produce damage Interestingly, the ultimate ability of the Golden Ball can be used to attack all enemies.
  • Superalloy Blackluster. If you are looking for tanker which is sturdy and not easy to beat, the choice is Superalloy Blackluster. This S class hero has the ability to absorb attacks and heal at the same time.
  • Vaccine Man. There is also a character named Vaccine Man. His abilities are useful as damage dealer blessing skills in particular, namely Damage overtime (DoT).
  • Amai Mask. You can also find class A hero Amai Mask when download One Punch Man game. Amai Mask has a special skill as a assassin which can defeat the enemy in no time.
  • Subterranean King. This character has abilities that are quite annoying for the enemy. Through the ability of DoT Burn, you can defeat your opponent in a fairly short time.
  • Mosquito Girl and Dr. genus. If you want to find a character support At best, you can weigh in between Mosquito Girl and Dr. genus. Both of these characters have the ability to heal comrades.

Tier B

Finally, you can find characters tier B. Those in this group do have power unlike the groups above them. However, if you can make good use of his special skills, character tier B can be quite reliable in battle. Some of the characters included in tier B of which are Mumen Rider, Sky King, Puri Puri Prisoner, and Geryuganshoop.

Method Download One Punch Man The Strongest PC

download one punch man the strongest pc

Game One Punch Man: The Strongest is provided exclusively for users smartphone. Even so, you can too download One Punch Man The Strongest PC by utilizing a small trick.

One way that you can use to be able to play One Punch Man: The Strongest on a PC is through an emulator application. The existence of an emulator application can be used as a replacement for the Android OS on a PC. Furthermore, you can too download One Punch Man Android via Google Play Store.

Well, those are tips related to character recognition that you can play on games One Punch Man: The Strongest. You really can’t directly play Saitama’s character. However, the existence of favorite heroes like Mumen Rider, Terrible Tornado, or Child Emperor is no less fun, right?