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Hylos Mobile Legends Best Items & Spells Build

Mobile legends are games that can be played on our phones, such as games MOBAs in general, mobile legends also have a lot herothere are about 58 hero which can be used but in this article we will discuss about how to build Hylos items to the best battle spells used by Hylos.

Hylos is hero type Tankers 4 legs that have form centaur like animals in Greek mythology, Hylos is famous for its very thick blood that is difficult to kill so it can be used as a barrier to enemy attacks, Hylos also has skill skills qualified as magic tanks so that he can make his enemies to go home, the following is an explanation of skill spells & build items Hylos.

I. Description of Hylos Skills

Passive Skills

Starting from passive skills it is Thickened Blood, skills this can give hylos 1 point where from Equipment and emblem,will also give Hylos 1.5 HP points, when where not enough HP can be used to remove skills. This means that HP from Hylos can be used as a substitute where when hylos runs out where.

Skill 1

Skill 1 that is Law and OrderHylos will store and then the energy is made into a ball and will be thrown at the enemy and will give the enemy 300 (+ 80% total magic power) points magic damage and will also stop the enemy or commonly called give effect stun for 1 second. Skills it has cooldown for 12.0 seconds and use where as much as 80 where.

Skill 2

The next is skill 2 that is Ring of Punishmentin skills this hylos will release power centaur around his body that will form a circular area, then every second skills it will give 95(+20% total magic power) points magical damage on the opponents around the circle, skills it can also slow down movement speed and attack speed enemies by 6% and 5% respectively, skills it will also continuously use where when it is activated. Skills it has cooldown for 1.0 seconds and use where as much as 30 where.

Skill 3

And the last is ultimate or Glorious Pathwayhylos will make a river that will last for 6 seconds, and when hylos is above the river then he will Heal 4% of max HP and become immune to slow while on the river, friends who are on the path made by Hylos will also get 60% movement speed but on the contrary when the enemy is on the path will experience a reduction movement speedd as much as 70%. Skills it has cooldown for 50.0 seconds and use where as much as 150 where.

II. Build Item Hylos

The following is items the best Hylos which is usually used by the top 2 global Hylos named Hammersmark which has the romania flag with 471 match and the win rate reaches 66.5%.

III. Explanation of Hylos Items

1. Warrior boots

Items The first thing that is recommended to buy is warrior bootsbecause the item will certainly add movement speed reached 40%, and it’s good items it also adds physical defense by 25 points.

2. Cursed Helmet

Items second is Cursed Helmet, items this will give +950 HP, +50 magic res and his passive ability is burning soul will produce magic damage every time it hits the enemy as much as 1.5% of its maximum HP, and will also add damage 50% greater against minions.

3. Dominance Ice

Items The next is Dominance Ice, items this will add +500 where+70 armor+5 critical chance and will add cooldown reduction as much as +15% and also items this can reduce movement speed 5% enemy and attack speed by 30%.

4. Bloodthirsty King

Items The fourth recommended to buy is Booldthirsty King, because this item will give +1550 HP +75 HP regen. The unique passive of this item is that if it kills or provides an assist it will regenerate 20% of the hero’s HP in 5 seconds. And have cooldown for 10 seconds.

5. Athena’s Shield

Items fifth is Athena’s Shield, items this will give an additional +900 HP, +56 Magic RES+20 HP regeneration and good items This will provide an absorbent shield damage enemy if not attacked within 30 seconds, and the number of shields received will increase as the match progresses.

6. Demon’s Advent

And the last is Demon’s Advent because items this will add +950 HP, +54 armorand +30 HP regen. Guaranteed to make Hylos’ blood very, very thick and make Hylos very thick tankers.

IV. Battle Spells For Hylos

And battle spells which is recommended to use is stunbecause spells this is very helpful when fighting with hero opponent and items this can be used to help you and your friends escape when you lose the fight.

Hopefully with an explanation about build items & spells Hylos can increase your knowledge so that you can continue to win when playing solo or online ranked with your friends.

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