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How to Upgrade Android OS to the Latest Version 2022

Various ways to improve the android version to be able to compete with friends can now be done. The effect of this is that various features can be enjoyed and the speed increases. The steps that need to be taken include downloading and then doing the various next steps. Although this looks simple to do, it should be noted that not all androids have OTA (Over The Air) updates, if without this it cannot be upgraded to a more up to date version. The first step is to enter the settings menu then select about phone, then select system updater. Click on check for updates to get a higher version.

How to increase the android version if there is no OTA, it can be reached by visiting the official website. This way you can get upgrades to newer OS versions. If it is found in cases where both methods are still unable to update the OS (Operating System) then you can use the last method, which is to do a custom ROM by visiting the XDA developers Forum. Using this will allow your smartphone to have a higher version than when you first bought it, and also not be left behind by your friends. This method is an official system update from Google.

The process of how to upgrade the android version usually requires power from a computer, indeed to do it usually with a PC. But at this time it doesn’t have to be like that, people who want a smartphone to be upgraded must have the appropriate conditions without using a laptop. Requirements that must be owned is to have an email. Its usefulness is that when it is done, it is possible to back up the data. During the process of upgrading, sometimes they do not know and are afraid that during the process it is because of a dead internet network. If in the middle of the process of upgrading the OS version there is an error, even though if it is not successful in upgrading, there will be no error that will affect the smartphone.