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How to Turn Your Face Into a Cool 3D Avatar (Android & iOS)

Remember the Animoji feature on the iPhone X? Yes, this feature allows us to create emoji or 3D Avatars that can follow movements and facial expressions as well as record our voices through the microphone. Indeed, these new and advanced features make many people want to feel and try it.

Well, even though the Animoji feature is owned by the iPhone, it doesn’t mean that we as Android users can’t try this feature. With an Android system that open source we can also feel the Animoji or 3D Avatar features are even cooler than those on the iPhone. To try this feature we need an application called FaceRig.

FaceRig can change the appearance of our face or face with a 3D or 2D animated display that follows our facial movements. In the FaceRig application itself, there are many choices of avatar characters that we can use, ranging from anime, animals, food, to robots with very good quality, aka HD.

The advantage of this application is that it is able to read facial movements very well, from expressions to lip movements. For those who are curious and want to try the sophistication of this application, see the following tutorial.

Video Tutorials


The first step, download and first install the FaceRig application on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store

The second step, open the FaceRig application, there will be a pop-up tap just ALLOW. Then select your Gmail account to enter the FaceRig application.

Third step, tap gear icon then place and fit the position of the face on the green circle in the middle then tap Scan Face. Next tap icon character in the left corner.

The fourth step, set the avatar, background, and mask according to taste. To record, just tap the circle icon in the middle and to stop tap on the box icon in the middle.

fifth step, tap the share icon to directly share your recordings to your social media accounts.

In addition to 3D, this application also supports 2D, with the FaceRig application you can turn your face into a 2D or 3D anime complete with eye, lip and head movements.