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How to Turn Video into Live Wallpaper

Tired of the look wallpapers smartphone that’s all? Or want to beautify smartphone you with live wallpapers? Well now you can change the video in your gallery to be live wallpapers.

For smartphone users, of course, you are familiar with the name live wallpaper. Yes, live wallpaper is a wallpaper that can move or change, sometimes there are also those who can respond when we touch it.

If you have a good video in the gallery now you can turn it into a live wallpapers which is quite interesting. Even though it feels live wallpapers more battery consuming but not a few users smartphone who prefer to use live wallpapers because it is not considered boring.

So how do you convert a video into a live wallpapers? To find out, let’s look at the following full review.

Video Tutorials


The first step, install the Video Live Wallpaper application, download on Google Play for free.

Download Video Live Wallpaper Application

The second step, open the Video Live Wallpaper application that is on smartphone you, next tap on the menu Choose Video. A notification will appear or pop up warning tap ALLOW.

The third step, select the video in the gallery smartphone you or the one you have prepared will later appear on the left of the application screen if you have tap on icon picture in the top right corner.

Fourth step, next tap on Set wallpapers later your video will automatically turn into a Live Wallpaper on smartphone you.

The fifth step, open the Video Live Wallpaper application again then select the audio menu to activate audio if your video previously had audio or sound. As a result, the Live Wallpaper that you have will be different from the Live Wallpaper in general because it has a sound like when viewing a regular video.

That’s how to make a video live wallpaper on Android.