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How to Turn Photos into Anime Cartoons (Android & iOS)

For those of you fans of anime cartoons who might want to try editing photos into anime effects, in this tutorial I will recommend an easy-to-use photo editor application to turn photos into anime images, especially for pictures or landscape photos.

What is Everfiler?

Everfilter, which is a modern application from Japan that allows you to edit photos easily and quickly. Yes, that’s right, in this application you no longer need to use a lot of tools like the Adobe Photoshop or PicsArt applications.

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This application is very easy to use, because it only requires one time tap just to get a very beautiful result. In this way, those of you who are not experts in editing can conjure up photos landscape be a very artistic photo and can beautify your Instagram feeds like Japanese and Korean Instagram users do.

This application can change the appearance of the sky, clouds and colors in photo objects as seen in cartoons from Japan. The way the Everfilter application works is actually similar to the Prisma application. The difference is that we can’t choose a filter. TopBuzz Japan as sang developer only provides night mood or day mood filter options. Check out the following tutorial.

How to Turn Photos into Anime Cartoons (Android & iOS)

1. The first step, please download the Everfilter application on the Apps Store and Play Store for free.

2. The second step is to open the Everfilter application and select the photo you want to edit or change its appearance to an anime cartoon.

3. The third step, if it has been selected, Everfilter will process it, then will display the results. You can choose the result to be a night atmosphere or a day atmosphere by pressing icon crescent at bottom left.

4. If you are not satisfied or do not match the results, you can repeat the previous method until you get the results that you think are suitable, because Everfilter will change the filters that have been used previously.

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5. When you are finished and satisfied with the results, you can directly share it on social media or save it to your cellphone.

The following is a photo of Monas which has been converted into an anime cartoon.

That’s how to edit photos into anime cartoons on Android & iOS.

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