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How to Turn Off Laptop with Notepad on Windows

Shutdown is an action to turn off the state of your PC to be dead, how to do shutdown many ways, such as pressing alt + f4 on keyboard but it has to be on the screen backgrounds, or on start menuthrough start menu + r on the keyboard and then type shutdown /s /t and others.

In addition to using the methods above, you can also turn off your PC using a notepadyou can even set the time to determine how long it will take before your PC performs shutdownand you can also give a short message before your PC does shutdown here, here’s the tutorial.


1. You open the app notepad on your pc.

2. Then you tap on the application notepad it is as below.

shutdown /s /t xxxx /c “description”

Information :

– You changed the text xxxx be how long the time is in seconds (3600 = 1 hour).

– You changed the text the description be the message that will be delivered when you run this program.

3. Then you click file – saveyou change in part save in type Becomes All Files and you enter it in the column filename Becomes sleep.bat (you are free to give any name, the important thing at the end is to give text .bat without spaces) then click save.

4. The result is like the example below, you open the program that you created earlier.

5. Then a notification will appear on the taskbar like in the image below.

6. Done.

Notes: You are free to give whatever time it takes for your PC to turn off without a minimum and without a maximum, the important thing is to use the seconds format.

This is a tutorial on how to turn off a laptop with Notepad on Windows. Hope it is useful.