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How to track your partner's position via WhatsApp

Live Location is one of the WhatsApp features that allows you to share your location instantly.real timeDuring a certain time, namely 15 minutes, 1 hour, and the maximum time is 8 hours. This feature is very helpful in tracking the position of someone you love, so that someone is easily monitored even from a distance. Just like when a girl is on her way home late at night, the girl can share Live Location with her parents to monitor the way home.

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On features Live Location this, only the people you share it with can see it. So you don’t have to worry about people you don’t share the Live Location with. In this feature you can also stop sharing your location at any time. Here’s how to track the position of a person/partner via WhatsApp on Android/iOS:

Download Whatsapp Android

Download Whatsapp iOS

1. Make sure you have installed the Whatsapp application on Android/iOS, otherwise it has been activated location/GPS on your phone.

2. Open Whatsapp, and open page chat you – Tap icon attachment – ​​Tap Location (make sure your location/GPS settings are on)

3. Next you can choose the location where you are – Tap share LiveLocation.

4. Choose time for how long do you want share location the – Tap icon Send at the bottom right.

5. Next your partner will receive Live Location you, and so move in the direction your partner is going.

6. When you want to end Live Location then enough tap Stop Sharingthen your location can no longer be traced back and can only display the last position point before you do Stop Sharing.

Good luck, and track your partner’s position when they want to travel without you