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How to Show Internet Speed ​​in Android Notifications

When you stream videos on YouTube or other websites, you must have felt buffering. You must be wondering what is your Internet speed so that it arrives buffering so long. This feature is not only for stream but you can also see the speed when youdownload files as well as playing games! This time I will share how to display your Internet speed on Facebook notifications.

There are some vendors Android like Xiaomi and Lenovo has provided this feature. The way to activate it is (Based on Lenovo A7000 Plus & Xiaomi Note 3):

1. Open ‘Settings‘.

2. Select ‘Notification Center’.

3. Tick ‘Show connection speed’.

For some Vendor Android does not provide this feature, so you are required to download the application ‘Internet Speed ​​Meter‘ individually from Play Store. It’s an easy way. Follow the steps below:

1. Download Application named ‘Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite‘ (free) or you can buy one PRO version for 34 thousand. After downloading open the application.

2. Now, in your notification has appeared the current Internet speed on your Android.

3. Try streaming Youtube or downloading files. You will definitely see your Internet speed!.

Other Advantages of Applications’Internet Speed ​​Meter‘ this is that we can also see the amount of quota that we use every day, week or month!

That’s how to see your internet speed in Android notifications.