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How to Share Spotify Songs to Instagram Stories Without Screenshots

When we are listening to a song on Spotify then want to share to Instagram Stories or Insta Story we usually take screenshots or record the screen first, it is one of the old and impractical ways, because now Spotify has updated its features to make it easier for Spotify users to share songs directly through the menu. share to Instagram.

For those of you who are confused and don’t know how share songs from Spotify to Insta Story directly, see the following method.

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This method can be done for Android and iOS smartphone users (iPhone/iPad)

1. First please updates first Spotify you to latest version minimum version 8.4.52 and your Instagram.

2. If you have updated your Spotify and Instagram versions, then open the Spotify application and play the song you want share to Instagram Stories.

2. Next tap menu point 3, next to the song title. (See image below)

3. Next select the menu “Share“.

4. Next select the menu “Instagram Stories“, then it will be directed to the Instagram application. Next select menu Your Story. (See image below)

5, So the result is that you have succeeded in sharing the song/music that is currently playing on smartphone you.

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As a result, there is a link that points to Spotify, so that when your friends click ontap writing “Play on Spotify” will be directed to the song you are currently playing on Spotify. This way you can share listening to music on Spotify.

Notes: This method can only share in the form of links and photos, it cannot record the song you are playing. If you want to share a recorded song from Spotify to Insta Story you have to record the screen/screen record on smartphone you.

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