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How to Send Full Text Emoji Messages on WhatsApp

Emoji is an image character that we usually use in chat messages as a substitute for our expressions. In general, we use emojis of only 1 or 2 characters to our chat partners to show our expressions, for example, laughing, smiling, sad, happy, and many more.

Sending emoji messages with 1 or 2 characters is common, so in this tutorial I will give you a trick on how to change the use of emojis to be extraordinary, which later the messages you send will consist of emojis that are neatly arranged and can be read. How to do it? see the following tutorial.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

The first step, Install Emoji Letter Maker on your Android.

Download Emoji Letter Maker

The second step, once installed, open the Emoji Letter Maker application. Delete letters default then replace it with the word or sentence you want. And vice versa, also delete Emoji and replace it as you want.

The third step, if you have tap on plus icon which is in the middle then select icon like the letter T then set the size text emoji as desired by sliding it left and right.

fourth step, tap again plus icon in the middle now select share icon or share later tap COPY.

The fifth step, open your WhatsApp application then paste the emoji text that was copied earlier and send a message.

Actually this method can not only be used on WhatsApp but can also be used in other chat applications such as LINE, BBM, etc.