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How to Send Auto-Delete Messages in Instagram DMs

SeAs one of the most widely used social media applications by the world community, Instagram has always equipped itself with interesting features that have not been found in other social media applications. But unfortunately, of the many features available in the Instagram application, there are still many Instagram users who have not fully utilized the features in the Instagram application.

DM (Direct Messages)

One of the features on Instagram that may not be fully utilized by Instagram application users is the automatic deletion feature of photo and video messages once the message is seen by the recipient of the message in Instagram DMs.


1. First update the Instagram application on your device to the latest version via the Play Store. Now just open the Instagram application and log in using your account.

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2. Click the icon Direct Massage (DM) which is in the upper right corner. Then click the link Send Message to send private messages to other Instagram users.

How to Send Auto-Delete Messages in Instagram DMs

3. Select one or more Instagram users to whom you want to send a photo or video. Click icon Camera which is to the left of the text box.

4. Then just tap the camera to take photos or videos directly or click gallery to search for photos or videos that have been stored in your device gallery.

How to Send Auto-Delete Messages in Instagram DMs

5. After you finish taking or selecting the photos and videos you want to send, you will be presented with three options for sending photos or videos, namely view once (one view), allow replay (allow playback), and keep in chat (save in chat).

However, to be able to automatically delete the photos and videos sent, select the sending mode View Once. Later the photos and videos that you send will be immediately deleted as soon as the photos and videos are seen by the recipient of the message.

While the Allow Repeat mode will allow the recipient to view the photos or videos sent by clicking the play button in the chat box. However, if you choose Keep in Chat mode, the photos and videos sent will always be visible in the chat box.

How to Send Auto-Delete Messages in Instagram DMs


How, it’s easy instead of sending photos or videos that will automatically be deleted after being seen by the recipient. Unfortunately this auto-delete can only be done on photos and videos, but does not apply to text messages. Just by following a few steps as above, your photos and posts on Instagram DMs will be more secure.