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How to Root Nox App Player Emulator Android

Nox App Player is a Android emulator running on computer PC/Laptop Windows OS or Mac OS (MacBook/iMac). By using Nox App Player users can install Android applications, run Android applications and of course also be able to play games games Android via a desktop computer.

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when in smartphone Android, we want to do root usually use the help of the application/root scripts/software whose results are not necessarily successful, but for In Nox Player, it turns out that the official Nox developer presents a Root feature that we can activate or deactivate without the hassle of using other applications.

The method is very easy to root on Nox without the need to bother looking for tutorials or tutorials tools for root-his. Check out the following method:

1. Run Nox App Playerthen select icon gear (System Settings) in top right corner.

2. On the menu System Settingsselect Root and change to On. then Save Changes.

3. Next will come out pop-up message “Settings you have changed need application restart to take effect” which prompts you to restart. select Restart Now.

4. If you have already restarts, next to find out if the Nox emulator is successful root what not yet please download application Root Checker on Play Store.

5 Select “VERIFY ROOT” to check whether Nox was successful in root or not.

Wait for the process, if it works root there is a message “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device!

That’s the easy way to root Android on the Nox Player emulator.