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How to Resize Joystick in Gameboy (My Boy) Emulator

My Boy emulator is an Android-based software / application designed to run games from gadgets The old school that had been a phenomenon before in 2001 called Game Boy Advance (GBA) was different from the previous GameBoy which only had 2 colors, namely black and white, for Game Boy Advance already have quite a lot of colors, approximately 64 – 258 bits.

The problem experienced by My Boy users is the size joystickwhich is very small, because their hands are quite large, here’s the tutorial “How to Resize the Joystick in the My Boy Emulator.

1. Open the My Boy app on Smartphone you, (If you don’t have it, please download it for free on the Play Store)

Download My Boy! Free GBA Emulator Android on Play Store

2. Select a game you want to play.

3. Tap three-line menu button (see image below, each device has a different placement).

4. Next select the menu “settings”.

5. Next select the menu “layouts”.

6. Next select the sign (+) in the upper right corner,

7. Next give a name layoutsits according to your wishes.

8. Next, select OK, and tap pencil edit icon.

Resize it by: Tap joystickit – press the 4 arrow keys – swipe diagonally.

Notes: Size setting Joystick will be different if the condition smartphone you are in a vertical or horizontal state, so better, set the size joystickis in a vertical and horizontal state at the same time, so you don’t have to enter settings 2 times.