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How to Register LINE Creator to Upload LINE Sticker

Hello guys.. Yesterday I posted how to make LINE stickers with your own photos, this time I will share how to make LINE stickers with your own photos. upload your LINE sticker in the line creator.

Come on, instead of lingering, just take a look at the following method:

1. You first open LINE Creator, visit the address

2. Select button “Sign up here”.

3. Enter your email address and password your LINE.

4. After login you choose account settings and fill in the empty fields.

5. After you fill in the menu in tab Basic information also have to fill tab e-mail settings and tab Transfer information for verification.

6. To fill information transfer You must have a paypal account first.

  • Account holder (last): (insert your paypal account last name)
  • Account holder (first): (fill in your paypal account first name)
  • Paypal Account (e-mail address): (insert your paypal email address)

7. If you have filled everything in then select tab New Submission for upload your LINE sticker.

8. Select tab New SubmissionSticker and fill in the empty fields and if everything is filled then press save.

That’s a tutorial from me for upload stickers in LINE Creator Hopefully useful.