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How to Record Snapchat Videos on Ios Without Manually Pressing

In this article the author wants to share a tutorial for the device mobile ios for Snapchat app.

Lately, this one social media is indeed on the rise, because of its features video story and photo highly interactive with various AR filters (Augmented Reality) on a very attractive and unique face. With Snapchat users can record or take photos of their daily activities and can be published to other users.

Even though it can only be seen by user others during the making of the video story up to 24 hours, on updatesThe latest Snapchat version brings its newest feature, video story that has been made can be stored in the application and can be locked if it has a video that is considered private by users user. On updatesSnapchat’s latest update also comes with a new, more attractive display design. For more details, you can see the official website

In this case, many users still find it difficult to record videos on Snapchat because they always have to press the button record on application with. Thus the author will provide tips so that you can record a video on the Snapchat application without pressing the button record manually on smartphone ios. Here are the steps:

How to Record Snapchat Videos on Ios Without Manually Pressing

1. Open settings, then select General

2. After that select Accessibility.

3. On General select AssistiveTouch.

4. Next select Create New Gestureto make a gestures.

5. Press and hold on the screen smartphonethen move a little so that time gesture can reach 10 seconds. If only silence, then gesture will onlyrecord for 6 seconds, while Snapchat has a maximum duration of 10 seconds to make 1 fruit videos story.

6. Then Save gesture that has been created and enter the name of the gesture as below:

7. Go back to step 4 and select Customize Top Level Menu, to set the gesture that has been made on the menu AssistiveTouch. Tap Icon which will be replaced with a gesture that has been made, so that it can appear at the front of the menu AssistiveTouch as follows :

8. The last step is to try gestureopen the Snapchat app, then go to the record video, open AssistiveTouch and select the gesture that was set in step 7. Point the dot gesture goto record as in the image below:

Those are the tips for recording videos on snapchat without pressing the button record manually on smartphone ios. Hope it is useful.