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How to quickly replace all file extensions in 1 folder in Windows

As user Windows OS surely you are dealing with various files existing extensions. Whether it’s an image file, audios, videos, as well as others. You must have also experienced an incident when you want to change the file extension in the WindowsHowever files the number you want to replace is not small. If you’re still using the manual method, it’s definitely complicated plus it doesn’t take a long time.

So from that, we here has a way to solve the problem you are experiencing. Don’t worry, for sure the method that will be explained will be easy, simple and anti-complicated. Must be curious right? here’s the tutorial..

For example here we want to change the image file with the extension from .png to .jpg.

1. Using Command Line Prompt or commonly abbreviated as CMD

Firstthe thing you have to do is combine files which you will change the extension by moving files them into the same folder.

The following is screenshots of contents folder which contains files with extension .png

Second, Press and hold the button Shift on your keyboard. Then point mouse pointer to the folder containing the images you want to change files the extension. Then right click on folder it and select Open a command window here.

Third, window will appear Command Line Prompt. Well to change files extension as you want, write the code below.

ren *.(files current extension)space*.(files the extension you want)

Because here we want to change the file extension from .png to .jpg, write the code as below in the window Command Line Prompt you.

ren *.png *.jpg

The explanation of the code above is

  • ren i.e. code from windows which works for rename or change the name files, foldersand others.
  • the * symbol is the code of windows which serves to select all names files or folder concerned (here the file with the extension .png and .jpg ).

Then after you type the code above, the next step is to press the button ENTER.

After you type the code above and run it then everything files the previous extension .png transformed into .jpg in just seconds.

2. Using .bat file

The first step all you have to do is log in to folder which contains files or images for which you want to change the extension.

After you log in to directory or folder it, make a text document new by right click mouse you, and direct mouse pointer to options New and select Text Documents.

Second step that is, type the code as below on notepad you

ren *.png *.jpg

After you type the code above, the next thing is to select Save As on the notepad menu to save files it, name it files as you want, don’t forget the option Save as type change to All Files and files you must and must change the extension to .bat.

Make sure you save files it is in folder which are contained files the image for which you want to change the extension.

If you are correct in saving files it, then the icon files which was in the form of text will change to like below.

Can you see if files the extension in the image below is still a .png

Try running files .bat that and voila.. all files image with extension .png before, now it has changed to .jpg in just seconds.

You already know the easy and simple way to replace files extension in windows. With the above method you will be able to solve your problem of changing extensions files in just seconds.

The above method does not only apply to changing the extension files .png to .jpg just. If you want to change to another extension, the method above can really be done, you just need to change the name of the extension before and after as you want.

If you are still confused or have questions about the tutorial above, you are obliged to ask by writing your comments in the comments column provided.