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How to Protect Blog Articles From Copy Paste

Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is a copyright protection site which of course aims to protect the copyright of the content on the site website or blogs from various acts of copyright infringement. So that the articles in the blog are officially registered and can be processed if someone commits a copyright infringement on the content.

There have been many bloggers who have registered their blogs with DMCA so that the article is protected from copy paste especially from AGC (Auto Generate Content) or copy 100% of the articles on a blog. You can imagine how tired it is to write so many articles original but para copaser less than an hour can have the same number of articles, of course there will be a sense of irritation or emotion.

But don’t worry because in the end the right one will always win, because most blogs or articles result copy paste won’t last long aka di banned Google. The trick is to register content original you to the copyright protection site DMCA.

That way when you later find a blog that does copy paste on some or all of the articles you can directly report them to Google via DMCA, and indicated blogs Copy and paste will be processed and very likely banned by Google.

You only need to register your blog to DMCA and install Badge the protection provided DMCA. In the following I will explain how to register and install Badge DMCA to protect your blog articles from Copy and paste.

1. The first thing to do is enter the site DMCA

2. Then click badges.

3. Then choose according to taste, Which badge do you want to put on your blog. You can also Sign Up (register) first so that your blog is actually registered, just fill in Name and Email only. After that, just click Add to Blogger.

5. Next, there is a confirmation screen from Blogger, select your blog. The title can be written as DMCA Protection or left blank if you only want to display images. Then click Add Widgets.

6. Then you will be taken to Layoutplace as desired. save and see your blog.

7. The DMCA badge is installed.

Until then, your account will be active within the next 30 days, so don’t remove the DMCA badge to get a certificate. If you want to login, the DMCA has given the password to your email.

That’s how to protect your blog from people who copy and paste articles, if you want to improve your service, you can switch to the paid DMCA Pro. So hopefully useful.