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How to Play Heavy Games Smoothly on a Computer with Low Specifications

Maybe for some people playing games is not important, but actually playing games is one of the important activities to relax the mind after a day of activities. By playing games we can refresh our minds, especially by playing entertaining games, of course very fun.

Good Games Need High Specs

Most games with detailed and good graphics require high specifications to be played smoothly, including games for Computers and Laptops.

As we know that computers or laptops with high specifications have relatively expensive prices, for those of us who have a mediocre budget, but still want to play games with good graphics, of course this is a problem.

However, there are several ways that we can do so that we can still play heavy games with our computers or laptops that have low specifications, let’s see how below.

How to Play Heavy Games with Low Specs Computer

The most important thing we must know is that games with good graphics require a large RAM capacity and a capable VGA Card, therefore if we want to play heavy games with a computer or laptop with low specifications, the first step we have to do is reduce performance. operating system in order to free up RAM as much as possible.

What we can do is:

  1. Using a lightweight Operating System, Windows 7 is one of the best choices for gamers,
  2. Using the Classic Windows Theme, this way more RAM will be spared, besides that VGA performance will also be more free.
  3. set Windows performance to the best performance, by clicking ‘My Computer’, Right Clicking ‘Computer’, selecting ‘Properties’, Selecting ‘Performance’, Clicking ‘Settings’, and selecting ‘Adjust for best performance’, Click ‘Ok’, In this way, the performance of the operating system will be minimal again.

The next step after we reduce the performance of the Operating System is to maximize the performance of RAM and VGA Card on our computer or laptop, we can use the ‘Game Booster’ application to increase RAM and VGA performance to the maximum.

After we have done the two steps above, try running the heavy game you want to play, then you will feel better performance when playing the game when compared to before we did the methods above.

If it still feels heavy, or the image is broken, you can try lowering the graphics settings in the game itself, this method will make the graphics display in the game slightly reduced, but of course it won’t be too distracting for your activities playing your favorite games.

That’s how to play heavy games smoothly on computers with low specifications that we can share, keep visiting to get the latest updates about PC and Android tips and tricks. Also visit the main page of this site to read various other interesting and useful information about the world of technology and gadgets.