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How to Play Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger

You claim to be good at playing basketball? Wow, that’s very fitting. Facebook is now here with added features games basketball as a warmer chat. It’s just that to play it, users are required to have an application Facebook Messenger.

Curious about how to play basketball games with Messenger mobile devices? Here the author gives the tricks. Cekidot never mind!

1. To start the game, the user must first update the application mobile messenger to the latest version 62.0 for Android and iOS. After that, one of the chat members should send a basketball emoji.

2. Fight chat the one who receives the emoji just presses it on the screen smartphone. This marks the start of the game.

3. Screen Messenger will bring up a basketball hoop. Users simply press the ball to enter it into the ring.

4. Every time the ball goes in, Facebook will display a clapping emoji on the basketball hoop. On the other hand, if the ball misses the target, an annoyed face emoji will appear on the basketball hoop.

5. The score of each player will be recorded under the basketball emoji that was shared first. If the player has reached the score 10 times entered, the game level will be more difficult.

Since last year, Messager continues to innovate in its services. Until now, Messenger can be used to send content in GIF format, chat with brandand ordering Uber in several countries.

Lastly, with the advent of simple games, experience chat users are expected to be more exciting. Good luck!