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How to Optimize RAM Performance on Computers and Laptops Easily

Random Access Memory or commonly called RAM is a main memory that is usually used for temporary storage when the computer is on and in use. The function of the RAM is as a support for the processor in carrying out its performance. Access speed and capacity of RAM have a very close relationship with the performance capabilities of the device that uses it.

Optimizing RAM Performance on a Computer is Important

It is undeniable that computer performance is very dependent on RAM, including the performance of computer or laptop devices, if the quality of RAM decreases then automatically the computer or laptop will also be slow in performance.

RAM capacity also determines the performance of the computer, if the computer has a small RAM, of course its performance is not optimal. Another factor that determines computer performance is the Access Speed ​​of the RAM used, it’s useless for a computer to have a large RAM installed, but the performance of the RAM is slow.

Optimizing RAM performance is very important, so that a computer or laptop can function properly in supporting the performance of its users, then we as users must always try to optimize the performance of the RAM on our computer or laptop.

3 Ways to Optimize RAM Performance on Computers and Laptops

On this occasion, we will share 3 ways to optimize RAM performance on computers and laptops that you can use as references, let’s just look at the method below:

1. Using the Task Manager.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to optimize RAM performance is to use the Task Manager on the operating system on your computer. Through the Task Manager you can monitor all processes and the performance of applications running on your computer. You can close applications that are not important but drain RAM so that the RAM performance on your computer is more optimal.

2. Disable Startup Apps.

Often when you start up your computer or laptop it takes a long time to load, this happens because there are many applications that run when you turn on your computer or laptop, the way to make the startup load run quickly is to disable some applications. which runs at Start Up but is not really needed.

You can disable the Start Up application easily. If you are a Windows 8 OS user you can do this in the start up tab of the task manager, or via msconfig if you are a Windows 7 OS user.

3. Using Third Party Applications.

Another way to optimize RAM on your computer or laptop is to use applications from developers (third parties). There are many applications that you can download for free to optimize the performance of RAM on your computer or laptop, one of which is CC Cleaner. For maximum results you can use Paid Applications such as AVG Tune Up Utilities.

Those are 3 ways to optimize RAM performance on computers and laptops that you can do easily, hopefully this information can be a reference for you. Continue to visit our site to get the latest information updates on computer and android tips and tricks. See also the main page of this site to read the latest information about the world of technology and gadgets.