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How to Make WhatsApp Chats Bold and Italic

Who says WhatsApp users can’t make weird types of writing? WhatsApp has released an update for the Beta version of the app. So that users can now format text or customize font formats, such as bold print (bold), crooked (italics), and crossed out text (strike through).

In the following article, the author will provide certain tricks to create such a writing format with the WhatsApp application. The author starts from making the text format bold.

1. Bold (bold print).

To make text in WhatsApp messages bold, add an asterisk

in front and behind the desired text, for example *Bold*. 2. Italic


To make the text in WhatsApp messages italic, add an underscore (_) before and after the desired text, for example _italic_. 3. Strikethrough

(crossed out text).

To make text in WhatsApp messages doodle, add a tilde (~) before and after the desired text, for example ~striped text~.

Make sure the WhatsApp version you have is version 2.12.17 for iOS version and 2.12.5 for Android version or later, by registering as a Beta Tester and updating on the iOS or Android app store.

This code can also be used for the desktop version of WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Web Client. However, the above font formats (bold, italic, and strikethrough) will only appear in the mobile version of the app. Good luck!