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How to Make Video Intros on Android

For YouTube players or publisher YouTube, making an intro is one of the things that must and must be in the video, whose function is to produce a good video work and more interesting to watch. And if the video is good or interesting to watch, automatically viewers and subscribers will also increase.

For this reason, this time the author will share a tutorial to make a simple intro just from smartphone and use an app called Quik. This is a solution for publisher YouTubers who don’t have a laptop or computer. Here are the steps.


1. Install the app Quik on the Play Store. Open the Quik app – Tap create a new video – Select the image to be included in the video.

2. After selecting the image, write your name or channel your YouTube.

select the effect to use – Tap the pencil icon in the middle.

In this settings view you can set text, duration of the section that will appear, delete and duplicate the selected section.

3. In the initial view, tap icon note tone at the bottom.

In settings view audio you can choose the theme background that fits and goes along with your video. And if you don’t find background suitable, you can search directly on line inside the application.

4. On the initial screen, tap icon below on the right.

In this setting you can set the maximum video duration, video ratio, start music on video, filters, fonts, palette and outro.

5. If you have edited the entire video, tap blue icon to save video.

Then there will be a process rendering. Tap SAVE WITHOUT SHARING to save to Gallery.

This is a tutorial on how to make a video intro on Android. Hope it is useful.