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How to Make Photos Talk & Move (Android & iOS)

For you lovers selfie Or do you like to take pictures, have you ever been bored with the style of your photos just like that? Yes, maybe editing it a little with the edit application that is widely spread on the Play Store slightly reduces the boredom. But has it ever occurred to you to make your photos come alive and speak?

It has become quite commonplace, it even becomes like daily food when we look at the photos uploaded to social media by social media. netizens. Photo culture either way selfie nor wefie it’s just growing now. Almost all levels of society today always capture interesting moments in a photo.

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Now, back to the subject above, to make photos talkable, now we don’t need god-level editing skills or using a computer. Now you can make your photos come alive in a very simple way, with the help of smartphone in hand. How to? Let’s see together the following method.

Video Tutorials


The first stepFirst, install the Motion Portrait Android application on the Play Store and iOS (iPhone) on the AppStore.

Download Motion Portrait Android

Download Motion Portrait iOS

Second stepAfter it’s installed, open the Motion Portrait application, don’t forget to also prepare photos selfie you that you want to use. Tap on the Motion Portrait logo in the middle then enter the photo or image you want to use using one of the 3 menus below.

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Third stepafter the photo is successfully entered, there will automatically be 2 blue circles in the eye and 3 point green in the mouth you can adjust it yourself if it doesn’t feel right.

Next tap on icon microphone set sound speed and pitch for the sound in your photo later. You can also add other accessories such as hats, hair, or glasses by selecting plus icon on the left.

Fourth step, tap icon the video will appear a notification select ALLOW. Then the recording will start don’t forget to say any words during recording to fill in the voice in the photo you are making. Final tap Save to save it or select Email to send it via email to your friends and you can also directly select the button Share to send it to your social media account.

That’s an easy way to edit photos that can be talking and moving on Android or iOS.