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How to Make Photos Move With Telegram

Remembering the past is sometimes fun, especially childhood or moments with people we care about. But what is left in the past is usually just a photo. Well, this time inwepo will share a trick that is currently viral, namely to make old photos come alive.


Reminiscing or reminiscing about past memories with loved ones must be very precious for some people. Sometimes just looking at a photo in an album that is not enough is enough to relieve the heart. But now times have changed, we can make photos that were previously still move as if those in the frame are still alive. Want to know how to do it, keep reading the article.

Deepfake Technology

For some people, maybe not so familiar deepfake. But in fact today the development of technology deepfake more and more used. In brief deep fake This is widely used to combine image elements with video or vice versa.

My Heritage

Recently on Twitter and social media is being stirred by technology deepfake owned by the application My Heritage. The technology developed by Sang developer this can make still images move, blink, turn or even smile.

Most netizens use old photos or photos of deceased loved ones to simply remember memories from the past. Until the end of this application was viral, and indeed the technology used is quite sophisticated and looks real.

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Unfortunately, for Android users who want to find apps My Heritage this will be a bit difficult. Because this application cannot be accessed through Google Play Indonesia. Not only there for Indonesian users, it will be very difficult when they want to register and also log in, errors often occur. Well, inwepo has the same trick to make photos move with the Telegram application and it’s guaranteed not to be complicated.


1. Open your respective Telegram application then look for it in the username search field @RoundDFBot. Next, as usual, log in to your account bot and tap menu Start.

How to Make Photos Move With Telegram

2. Enter the photo you want to animate and wait for a reply from bot that the photo is ready. You can use the Attachments menu to insert photos. Next, enter the video file that will be animated. After the video is ready tap menu Default.

How to Make Photos Move With Telegram

3. You will enter the final step tap course Yes, that’s right. Then you will get a queue number and wait for your animation to process. The waiting process depends on the number of requests for animation, if too many users use it it will take a little time.

How to Make Photos Move With Telegram

4. When it’s finished bot will immediately send the results, you stay tap the download icon to play the animation and save it to Gallery smartphone you.

How to Make Photos Move With Telegram

Notes: You can search for videos on YouTube with the keywords “people smile or woman smile footage”.


You can use the above method as an alternative if you always fail to download or use the My Heritage application. deepfake The AI ​​used is no less sophisticated than the My Heritage application.